You might be looking in the wrong part of the baby name book for your the perfect name for your daughter. Try one of these amazing boy names for girls.

By Lisa Milbrand
March 15, 2018
Credit: Daria Shevtsova/Pexels

While names without defined genders, like Chicago, Audio, Blue, and Sunday, are gaining popularity in the celebrity world, you might be looking for a more traditional name for your little girl. But you don't have to stick to the list of popular girls' names to find one that's perfect for your little one. There's no rule stating that boy names are for boys and girl names are for girls, so have some fun and mix it up with these awesome boy names for girls.


After topping the charts a few years back, Aidan is on a bit of a decline for boys—but it's making a comeback as a one of the most popular boy names for girls. It means "fiery."


Asa has been a boys' name traditionally, though it reads like it could easily be for girls. The name is associated with healing.


Most commonly associated with the poet W.H. Auden, this surname pick means "old friend."


Johnny Knoxville picked this classic boys' name, which first appeared in Edmund Spenser's classic, The Faerie Queen, for his daughter. It means valley between highlands.


Billie Holliday was the most famous woman to sport this nickname for William, which means "protector."


Friends' Chandler Bing is the claim to fame for this occupational name that means "candlemaker." Chandler just hit the top 1000 for girls, though it's still inside the top 500 for boys.


Charming Charlie has become a popular nickname for Charles or Charlotte—but Charlie in its own right has become a popular pick for girls. (It's currently just inside the top 200 for them.)


This name comes from the Hebrew name Elijah, and shares its meaning, "Jehovah is God." It's a great way to get to the popular nickname, Ellie.


The popular pope has brought new attention to this saint's name, which means "free man." The nicknames Franny and Frankie are super cute for girls.


Actress Glenn Close sports this boyish name, which means "narrow valley."


Once a fuddy-duddy boys' name, Ira could gain a new lease on life as a girls' name. It means "watchful one."


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds popularized one of the most timeless boy names for girls, and it's now become the hot name among the celeb set.


We love the old-fashioned vibe of this name, which is associated with a precious stone. It makes a cool alternative to the more feminine Jasmine.


Logan is currently in the top 20 for boys, and rising in popularity for girls—it's in the top 400. Logan is a Scottish name that means "little hollow."


One of the most red-hot boy names makes a great choice for your daughter—actor Kelsey Grammer picked it for his daughter.


Jessica Simpson was one of the first people to give this common boys' name to her daughter.


Parker Posey has helped popularize this surname name for girls. It's currently just inside the top 250 and on the rise.


Currently in the top 100 baby names for boys, Roman would also make a lovely choice for girls—with the super cute nickname, Romy.


This Irish classic is a variation of John, and shares its meaning—"God is gracious." Shane has a bit of Old West swagger to it.


This nickname for Stephen makes a bewitching name on its own for girls, thanks to Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks.


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