25 Popular Girl Names and Their Meanings

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Trying to pick the perfect moniker for your little girl? Check out these 25 popular names, which are ranked by the amount of attention they received on Nameberry’s website this year. We predict some of them will surge to the top of baby girl name lists soon!


Coming from Spanish or Scottish origin, Isla means “island.” The baby name is especially popular in England, Wales, and Scotland. It might have gained recognition because of Isla Fisher, an actress known for her red hair and marriage to Sacha Baron Cohen.

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A Latin name meaning “olive tree,” Olivia has been trending for the past few years. In fact, it’s currently the second most popular name in America, according to Nameberry – although it’s common throughout the Western world.

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If you’re drawn to cute feminine names, consider Posie. The moniker is a modern variation of the English name Posy (meaning "a bunch of flowers") or Spanish name Mariposa (meaning  "butterfly.")

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If you name your daughter Aurora, she’ll share a moniker with the protagonist princess of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. The Latin name means “dawn,” and its original inspiration was the Roman goddess of sunrise. Aurora also has ties to the Northern Lights.

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Cora means “maiden” and has Greek origins. An old-fashioned name, it first reached the top 20 list in the 1880's.

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Stylish in the late 19th century, the German name Ada means "noble” or “nobility." It’s also reminiscent of Ava, which currently ranks as the third most popular name in America.

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This baby name showcases the power of television; it’s the unique moniker of a protagonist in HBO’s Westworld. The old-fashioned name, which means "she who intoxicates," also appears in Irish mythology  – usually with the traditional spelling of Meabh.

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Amara is a cross-cultural baby name, since has roots in Italy, Greece, and Africa. It translates to "grace or bitter" but also means “immortal” in Sanskrit and “peaceful” in Mongolian. Nameberry speculates that Amara may be used in place of Amanda and Mary in the future.

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Charlotte rose to the top of baby name lists in recent years, especially after Kate Middleton and Prince William chose the moniker for their royal daughter. The classic and elegant French name is the feminine version of Charles, and it means "free man." In popular culture, it appears in Sex and the City, Charlotte’s Web, Lost, and Revenge.

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The Victorian name Amelia means “work” and has German origins. After ranking first on British baby name charts in 2011, it’s becoming stylish in America. You might recognize it from children’s book character Amelia Bedelia and famed pilot Amelia Earheart. Nameberry says it’s an alternative to Emily and Amanda.

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A Greek name meaning “help,” Ophelia might’ve been invented by William Shakespeare for the heroine in Hamlet. It’s currently in the lower half of the top 500 baby names, so parents can rest assured that it’s still unique – at least for now!

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A daughter called Ava might have an animated personality, because the Latin name literally means “life.” Ava is also a variation of the Hebrew name Eve. The simple moniker is currently in high demand – possibly because Hugh Jackman and Reese Witherspoon chose it for their daughters.

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Derived from the romantic flower, the Latin name Rose reached its peak in the early 20th century. It eventually regained popularity as a middle name, and now it’s climbing baby name lists as a first name. Nameberry also calls out numerous variations of Rose, including Rosa, Roseanne, Rosemary, Rosalie, Rosamund, and Rosanna.

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Feminine and dainty in nature, the French name Genevieve has medieval origins and means "tribe woman." Consider using it instead of the more traditional Jennifer or Jenna. Nameberry says Genevieve recently reached its highest ranking since the 1930s.

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Fans of astrology might be drawn to the Latin name Luna, which means “moon.” Nameberry attributes its newfound popularity to the wacky Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood, as well as Chrissy Teigen’s adorable daughter with John Legend.

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Eleanor is unabashedly elegant, antique, and royal – in fact, the French queen Eleanor of Aquitaine brought it to England in the 12th century, according to Nameberry. The meaning of the medieval name remains unknown, but parents love its stately demeanor and cute nicknames (like Ellie and Nellie). Alternate formations include Ellen, Leonora, and Eleanora.

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With a meaning of “foreign riches," the French name Elodie draws inspiration from the Greek name Alodia. The unique and lyrical medieval moniker is especially popular in France, Wales, and England.


An English name of Latin origin, Lucy made the overseas trip to America decades ago. Nameberry calls it “saucy and solid,” thanks to its association with saints, heroines, and popular culture characters (specifically Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy and the bossy Lucy in Peanuts). The moniker is derived from its Roman version Lucia, and it means “light.”

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Never heard of Freya? That’s probably because the Norse name, which means “noble woman,” is newly recognized in America – but it has long been popular in the United Kingdom. The Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility shares the unique moniker.

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Anna held a spot on top baby name lists for years, but its recently been slipping in popularity. The Hebrew moniker meaning “grace” is a popular alternative to the simpler Ann. You may recognize it from Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina – or maybe Kristen Bell’s character in Disney’s Frozen.

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How sweet is this unique Scandinavian name, which has a Norse meaning of “divinely beautiful”? Nameberry says Astrid has been associated with Scandinavian royalty since the 10th century. In America, however, it’s been slow to take hold – in fact, it ranked 714th in Nameberry’s 2017 most popular girl name roundup.

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If your road to conception wasn't easy, consider the feminine Evelyn, which means “wished for child.” The soft girl name is the English version of the French Aveline, and it made its top 10 list debut in 2017, according to Nameberry.

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You might recall this elegant name from the popular children’s book series Eloise, which details a young girl’s eventful life in the Plaza Hotel. Eloise is the French and English variation of Heloise, and it means “healthy” and “wide.” Nameberry lists possible nicknames as Lola, Ellie, and Lolly.

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Calling all purple lovers! This sweet Latin name draws inspiration from your favorite color. Violet boomed in popularity 100 years ago, experienced a strong decline, and fell off the radar in the 1980s. However, Nameberry says an upward swing allowed the name burst into the top 50 list in 2015.

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A German name meaning “noble,” Alice is both old-fashioned and trendy. Since the most famous Alice ventured into wonderland, it’s the perfect choice for literary parents.

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