Baby Girl Names

Whether you're looking for a unique baby girl name or a classic name, we'll help you find a pretty baby name as sweet as she's sure to be. Browse top girl names inspired by movie stars, royalty, and nature to find the perfect baby girl name.

A to Z Guide to Celebrity Baby Names

Looking for inspiration when it comes to naming your baby? Here's your guide to some of the most intriguing celebrity baby names from across the alphabet.

Christian Baby Names

On the hunt for Christian baby names? Use our list to find the perfect name.

25 Best Vintage Baby Names for Girls

Expecting a thoroughly modern Millie? Check out these old-fashioned baby names for girls that are ready to make a comeback.

Amber Tamblyn Finally Reveals Her Daughter's Name, and We're Loving It

The actress has finally told the world the name of her new daughter with David Cross.

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Historical Figures

Think your daughter is destined for greatness? Name her after a woman who is known for her remarkable achievements.

Pretty Girl Names

Pretty baby girl names are more plentiful than you might think! Consider one of these lovely options for your daughter.

10 Unpopular Baby Names That Deserve a Second Chance

Are these names disappearing forever? Check out some of the baby names in danger of extinction.

Baby Names: How to Know You've Picked the Right Name

Naming your baby can be a daunting task. Here's how to know you've picked the right name.

The Top British Baby Names List: Our Favorite Picks!

The UK released its top baby names list, and Oliver and Amelia are still on top. But some favorites from across the pond aren't quite as popular in the U.S.

10 Beautiful Christian Baby Names for Girls

Consider these baby names with links to Christianity for your daughter.

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name

Your perfect little person needs the perfect name. Here's how to pick a great name for baby.

Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret

Here's how to ensure long-lasting love of your baby's name.

British Baby Names

Need help deciding on British baby names? Our list has great picks for your little monarch.

French Baby Names

Need a French baby name? Our list has the best French picks.

Baby Names: Is It Too Popular?

Great names tend to get very popular. Here's how to choose a baby name that won't dominate the preschool roster.

Irish Baby Names

Thinking of Irish baby names for your little one? Our list has plenty to choose from.

Baby Names: How To Name Twins and Multiples

You've had the perfect baby name in mind for as long as you can remember, but your sonogram revealed two heartbeats. Here's the best way to name multiples.

Jewish Baby Names

Thinking about Jewish and Hebrew baby names? Our list has plenty of options for your little one.

Check Out Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo's Colorful Baby Name Pick

Rocker Adam Levine and model Behati Prinsloo are proud parents of a baby girl--who sports a word name with 1980s ties.