You'll both love a Valentine-inspired moniker.

By Terri Isidro-Cloudas
October 03, 2005

Love is in the air. If you haven't picked a baby name yet, consider one of these names associated with love and beauty:


  • Amanda: "lovable" (Latin origin)
  • Belle: "beautiful" (French origin)
  • Carina: "beloved" (Latin origin)
  • Cherie: "dear" (French origin)
  • Corazon: "heart" (Spanish origin)
  • Darlene: "darling" (English origin)
  • Flor: "flower" (Spanish origin)
  • Leila: "night beauty" (Arabic origin)
  • Shayna: "beautiful" (Yiddish origin)
  • Valentina: "strong" (Latin origin)


  • Amadeus: "God's love" (Latin origin)
  • Beau: "handsome" (French origin)
  • Cedric: "kindly and loved" (Welsh origin)
  • Cary: "love" (Gaelic origin)
  • David: "beloved" (Hebrew origin)
  • Jamal: "beauty" (Arabic origin)
  • Kevin: "handsome and beloved" (Gaelic origin)
  • Shaquille: "good-looking" (Arabic origin)

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