Baby Names: Avoid Baby Naming Regret

Here's how to ensure long-lasting love of your baby's name.


We all have regrets in life but you don't want the name you selected for your baby to be one of them. Use these strategies to feel confident in the name you pick. Research your favorite names thoroughly. Check your favorite names on the popularity charts. A too common name is the typical cause of baby-name remorse. If it's in the top 10 or has experienced a steady upward climb in recent years, lots of kids on the playground will probably have it. Test the name out. Before your child is born, you and your spouse can try introducing yourself with the name. A stranger's impartial reaction may alert you to a problem with the name. Also, share it with people you trust to help ensure that it isn't too quirky or tricky to spell. If you continue to regret your baby's name, look into legally changing it. The paperwork is worth it if it means giving your baby a name that suits him better. After all, he'll have it for a lifetime. For more on baby names, check out our baby name blog, In Name Only.

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