Whether you're due in October or November, or just love everything about autumn, get inspired by these fall baby name ideas for girls and boys trending with parents this year.


Everyone has that one autumn activity they can't help but look forward to—whether that's baking your first pumpkin-spice treat of the season, apple picking, or playing in leaves. But if you're expecting a fall baby, you'll have even more to anticipate—including coming up with a name that could very well be a tribute to the season. Whether you're due to give birth during one of the fall months or simply want your baby name to pay homage to your favorite season, there are plenty of autumnal baby names to choose from.

Looking for inspiration? GigaCalucator.com has now revealed the most popular autumn-themed baby names of 2020. The online calculator site surveyed 2,185 people and researched via Nameberry to land on the top fall boy names and fall girl names.

Here's the rundown, plus more fun fall name options.

Crispin, Libra, Branch Baby Names

Popular Fall Girl Names

1. Branch: The top baby girl name, which saw an increase of 150 percent in the past week might bring to mind outdoor adventures or "branching" out onto new adventures.

2. Samhain: Pronounced SOW-in, this Irish name originates from a Gaelic festival and means "end of harvest season."

3. Sorrell: Sorrell is of French origin and means "reddish brown," which is fitting, given the hue of many autumn leaves.

4. Carmine: This Hebrew/Spanish name means "garden." Perfect for harvesting season!

5. Ash: Of English origin, this girl's name is meant to bring to mind an ash tree.

6. Bruna: Another colorful leaf-inspired moniker, this Italian girl's name translates to "brown."

7. Libra: The seventh zodiac sign, which generally spans from September 22 to October 22, is symbolized by the scales. Librans tend to seek beauty and balance.

8. Saffron: This English name means "yellow flower," but in Old French, Arabic, and Persian, it translates to "gold leaves."

9. Leaf: Inspired by nature, this name could be an ethereal choice.

10. Kiona: This beautiful Native American name means "brown hills."

Popular Fall Boy Names

1. Rust: Up 88 percent in popularity, this boy's name brings to mind the color of leaves blanketing yards all over the country this time of year.

2. Honor: A unisex name chosen by Jessica Alba for one of her daughters, this could also be a boy's name. Gigacalculator notes that it is inspired by Thanksgiving.

3. Birch: This English name is derived from none other than the birch tree.

4. Miller: Meaning "grinder of grain," this fall boy name is perfectly fitting for harvest time.

5. Radley: Of English origin, this boy's name means "red meadow." Dramatic!

6. Barric: This English name means "grain farm."

7. Omri: This harvest-themed Hebrew name means "my sheaf."

8. Lugh: The name of the Irish god of harvest.

9. Crispin: Fans of Back to the Future (which takes place in the fall!) will think of the actor who played George McFly. It's derived from the Latin term "Crispus" and is an old Roman family name meaning curly-headed.

10. Casper: Not the friendly ghost, although that might be part of its appeal, as well. It's a Persian name which means "keeper of the treasure."

Why Parents Want a Fall Baby Name

Gigacalculator found that 29 percent of parents would like to give their child an autumn-themed name, with another 53 percent of parents considering other seasons. Of the 29 percent wanting to name their baby with an autumnal connotation, the reasons given were the following:

  • 58 percent cited the birth month of their baby
  • 21 percent were inspired by the color palettes of the season
  • 9 percent wanted to pay tribute to the month of their child's conception
  • 8 percent love the fall holidays
  • 4 percent find inspiration from autumn weather, pointing to their beloved characteristics of the season, like "leaves on the ground" and "crispy days and chilly nights"

More Fall Baby Name Ideas

Saffron is typically given to babies with strikingly gold hair, as it is named for the exotic, bright yellow seasoning.

Oak is a very strong and unique baby boy (or girl!) name.

Rye, named for the grassy grain, is an unusual name for baby boys.

Maple is an uncommon name for sweet baby girls.

Crimson, named for the dark red of autumn leaves, is an out-of-the-ordinary name for boys.

Rusty is a derivative of the modern English term for 'rust,' and is a common nickname for someone with reddish-brown hair.

Fern is derived from the plant and has Portuguese and Spanish origins.

Peregrine, often nicknamed Perry, is the Old English term for someone who lived by a pear tree.

Coral applies to both the marine invertebrates found in warm seas and their often orangish-pink hue.

Cormac is a traditional Irish name that boasts lasting staying power.

Kale might have been invented as a masculine form of Kayley or an Anglicized version of the Irish name Cathal. Or it's just a favorite among people who favor the healthy green.

Laurel is the 19th-century word for 'tree,' and was likely the pet name for Laura in the 16th and 17th centuries is the 19th-century word for 'tree,' and was likely the pet name for Laura in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Forrest is derived from the term used to describe someone who lived in or by an enclosed wooded area.

Scarlett, a fiery red name, has seen a rise in popularity over the last decade.

Daphne means laurel and is rooted in Greek mythology.

Reed is a boy's name that has been more popular than ever over the last few years.

Olive is derived from the Latin name for the olive tree.

August has Danish, Estonian, German, Latin, Roman and Swedish roots.

Rowan has Irish roots, meaning "the little red one." It has become increasingly popular over the last decade.

Ivy is a girl's name that denotes the plant.

Willow originated from the term for the tree, celebrated for its grace and the pliancy of its wood.

Autumn Nature Names

If flower names symbolize spring, autumn's nature names are dominated by trees, a much cooler category. In addition to Birch and Ash, you might consider Forrest, Hazel, Juniper, Maple, Oak, and Willow. Attractive tree-related names include Daphne, which means laurel tree, Keziah, a biblical name that means cassia tree, and Lennox, a Scottish name related to the elm tree.

Autumn Color Names

Names that mean red, gold, or brown all relate to autumn. Some favorite red-related names include Adam, Crimson, Rory, Rowan, and Scarlett. Gold names include Aurelia, Flavia, and Xanthe. And a couple more cool names that mean brown are Baize and Bruno.

Harvest Goddesses (and one God)

There's a pantheon of fall goddesses with great names: Annona, Demeter, Gaia, Persephone, or Rhea are all earth or harvest goddesses whose names would work for a modern girl.