Names for Your Autumn Baby

Expecting a baby this fall? Then you might want to investigate names that relate to the season. Here are some ideas gathered by the Nameberry editors.
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Fall Month Names

Sure, Autumn is the most popular season name, but since it's been on the Top 100 for a decade now, it's hardly fresh. Consider a fall month name instead: If January and June are rising up the ranks, why not September, October (choice for his daughter of author Dave Eggars) or November?

Other month-related options: Seven, middle name of the Beckhams' newborn Harper, the number rooted in September; Octavia or Tavi; or Nova.

Autumn Nature Names

If flower names symbolize spring, autumn's nature names are dominated by trees, a much cooler category. Some of the best: Ash, Birch, Forrest, Hazel, Juniper, Maple, Oak, Willow. Attractive tree-related names include Daphne, which means laurel tree; Keziah, a biblical name that means cassia tree; and Lennox, a Scottish name related to the elm tree.

Color Names

Names that mean red, gold, or brown all relate to autumn. Some of our favorite red-related names are Adam, Crimson, Rory, Rowan, and Scarlett. Gold names include Aurelia, Flavia, and Xanthe. Cool names that mean brown are Baize, Bruno, and Sorrell.

Harvest Goddesses (and one God)

There's a pantheon of fall goddesses with great names: Annona, Demeter, Gaia, Persephone, or Rhea are all earth or harvest goddesses whose names would work for a modern girl. The one harvest god whose name you might want to consider: Lugh.

Linda Rosenkrantz and Pamela Redmond Satran are the creators of the baby name site Nameberry and the authors of ten bestselling books about names, including Cool Names for Babies and The Baby Name Bible.


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