Expecting a baby this fall? Then you might want to investigate names that relate to the season.

By Linda Rosenkrantz, Pamela Redmond, Laura Woods, and Julia Dennison
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Everyone looks forward to something in the fall, whether it's their first Pumpkin Spice Latte, apple picking with friends, carving pumpkins, decorating for Halloween, playing in leaves, sipping mulled cider, or the taste of butternut squash soup. But if you're expecting a little autumnal bundle of joy, you'll have even more things to look forward to—and naming your baby should be one of them. Whether you're due to give birth during one of the fall months or simply want your child's name to pay homage to your favorite season, there are plenty of autumnal baby names to choose from.

To get your creative juices flowing, the genealogy experts at MooseRoots used data from the Social Security Administration to track the most popular autumn names in the U.S.

Saffron is typically given to babies with strikingly gold hair, as it is named for the exotic, bright yellow seasoning.

Crispin is derived from the Latin term 'Crispus,' an old Roman family name meaning curly headed.

Oak is a very strong and unique baby boy (or girl!) name. 

Rye, named for the grassy grain, is an unusual name for baby boys.

Maple is an uncommon name for sweet baby girls. 

Crimson, named for the dark red of autumn leaves, is an out-of-the-ordinary name for boys. 

Rusty is a derivative of the modern English term for 'rust,' and is a common nickname for someone with reddish-brown hair. 

Fern is derived from the plant and has Portuguese and Spanish origins.

Ash: In 2014, only a total of 66 males were given this uncommon name.

Cedar: A child with this name will love the forest.

Peregrine, often nicknamed Perry, is the Old English term for someone who lived by a pear tree.

Coral applies to both the marine invertebrates found in warm seas and their often orangish-pink hue.

Cormac is a traditional Irish name that boasts lasting staying power.

Kale might have been invented as a masculine form of Kayley or an Anglicized version of the Irish name Cathal. Or it's just a favorite among people who favor the healthy green. 

Laurel is the 19th-century word for 'tree,' and was likely the pet name for Laura in the 16th and 17th centuries is the 19th-century word for 'tree,' and was likely the pet name for Laura in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Forrest is derived from the term used to describe someone who lived in or by an enclosed wooded area.

Scarlett: This fiery red name has seen a rise in popularity over the last decade.

Daphne means laurel and is rooted in Greek mythology.

Reed is a boy's name that has been more popular than ever over the last few years.

Olive is derived from the Latin name for the olive tree.

August has Danish, Estonian, German, Latin, Roman and Swedish roots.

Rowan has Irish roots, meaning 'the little red one.' It has become increasingly popular over the last decade.

Ivy is a girl's name that denotes the plant. 

Willow originated from the term for the tree, celebrated for its grace and the pliancy of its wood. 

Autumn is derived from the fall season itself. 

Sure, Autumn is the most popular season name, but since it's been on the Top 100 for a decade now, it's hardly fresh. Consider a fall month name instead: If January and June are rising up the ranks, why not September, October, or November?

Autumn Nature Names

If flower names symbolize spring, autumn's nature names are dominated by trees, a much cooler category. Some of the best: Ash, Birch, Forrest, Hazel, Juniper, Maple, Oak, and Willow. Attractive tree-related names include Daphne, which means laurel tree; Keziah, a biblical name that means cassia tree; and Lennox, a Scottish name related to the elm tree.

Autumn Color Names

Names that mean red, gold, or brown all relate to autumn. Some of our favorite red-related names are Adam, Crimson, Rory, Rowan, and Scarlett. Gold names include Aurelia, Flavia, and Xanthe. Cool names that mean brown are Baize, Bruno, and Sorrell.

Harvest Goddesses (and one God)

There's a pantheon of fall goddesses with great names: Annona, Demeter, Gaia, Persephone, or Rhea are all earth or harvest goddesses whose names would work for a modern girl. The one harvest god whose name you might want to consider: Lugh.


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