15 Popular Baby Names Inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Babies born during the pandemic are entering a unique period in American history. Though you probably won't want to name your child "Corona," there are plenty of coronavirus-inspired baby name ideas that can honor the time they were born.

If you're pregnant during the pandemic, you might want to choose a baby name inspired by this unique period in history. It probably goes without saying that monikers nodding directly to COVID-19 or the coronavirus (i.e. Cove, Corvid, Corona) may not be the route you want to go. But that doesn't mean the pandemic can't influence your pick in some way. With more people focusing on health and healing during the past few years, these are the coronavirus-inspired baby names we can see getting a popularity boost.

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Luke: Luke is the patron saint of doctors, making this a lovely baby name to honor health care workers fighting against the coronavirus. (And hey, it's still a pop culture name, if you're a Star Wars fan!)

Agatha: An old-fashioned name ready for a comeback, Agatha means "good woman." With Saint Agatha serving as the patron saint of nurses, this could be another option to honor front-line workers. If Agatha feels a little stodgy, try a variation, like Agata or Agate.

Serenity: This calming name expresses a wish for a more peaceful time. Lately it's climbed into the top 70 names for girls.

Hale: If you love word names, consider this one, which means "healthy" and "strong."

Alisha: A name of Sanskrit and Spanish origin, Alisha means "protected by God."

Kenzo: This Japanese name means "strong" and "healthy"—and it's a modern way to get a "Ken" nickname to honor a Kenneth in your life. Since the pandemic began, it's cracked the top 600 names.

Salvia: The Latin word for "sage," this baby name means "whole" and "healthy."

Anthony: A timeless name that's never fallen out of favor, Anthony could pay tribute to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who headed the pandemic response in the U.S.

Brigid: The Irish goddess of healers brings us this charming moniker, which represents power and vitality. It's also the name of the goddess of fire and the patron saint of scholars.

Apollo: This Greek and Roman god was associated with medicine and healing—and this name has had a bit of a resurgence in recent years.

Asher: Popular for both boys and girls, Asher means "blessed and happy one."

Phoenix: This symbol of rebirth recently made the top 250 boys' names after two decades.

Salma: This pretty Arabic name means "safe" and "protected"—the perfect wish to bestow on a child during turbulent times.

Jason: A ubiquitous name throughout the 1970s, Jason literally means "to heal."

Hope: This is a positive name for a daughter born during a pandemic, as we all need a little Hope right now. (Faith and Charity may be other options if Hope doesn't suit.)

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