Supernatural actors Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese just welcomed a baby girl, and the name they chose is so gorgeous and unusual.


Actors Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese just welcomed their third child—and we're head over heels for the little girl's name.

Jared (who also appeared on Gilmore Girls) and Genevieve (who was featured on Wildfire and FlashForward) are also parents to two little boys, Thomas, who is five, and Shepherd, who is three. It appears the family chose to get more and more unconventional with each name: While Thomas is an extremely classic pick, Shepherd is a bit more modern—and their daughter has the most original name of all: Odette Elliot Padalecki.

Odette is a very under-the-radar classic name, most famously associated with the swan princess in Swan Lake. The name has origins in France, and a rich meaning—it literally means "wealthy." 

Jared and Genevieve paired the ultrafeminine Odette with a boys' name that's slowly starting to be used for girls as well—the unisex middle name, Elliot. 

While the couple's baby name choice is still not super common, it does seem to be something of a celebrity baby name darling: Mark Ruffalo's daughter is also called Odette.

What do you think of the couple's pick? Did this name earn itself a place on your list?