Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton announced the name of their new son, Louis! See the history behind this name.

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Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Everyone's been buzzing about how quickly the Duchess of Cambridge recovered from giving birth—and how adorable the brand new prince was in his first photo op. But royal watchers (and England's betting houses) have been anxiously awaiting one tiny detail: the little boy's name. Prince William recently hinted that it was a "strong" baby name, and he was right! The little prince has a big name: Louis Arthur Charles.

Like his big brother, George Alexander Louis, and big sister, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Prince Louis Arthur Charles has several names, each picked to pay tribute to his royal heritage.

Louis (pronounced loo-ee)  is a long-time royal favorite (there were 19 King Louis in France, after all), and it definitely has a strong meaning: warrior. The name is one of the ones bestowed on his father, Prince William, his brother, and his great-grandfather, Prince Philip. It's a top 100 baby name in the UK, but only in the top 300 here. But the new prince should bring extra excitement around this timeless classic.

Arthur is a Celtic name with a special place in British legend (think the Sword in the Stone and the Knights of the Round Table). Arthur means "bear," and while it's just inside the top 300 here, it's a top 100 favorite in the UK. It also appears in Prince Charles and Prince William's names—and in the baby's great-great-grandfather, King George VI's name as well. And England liked the name—betting houses pegged this as a front-runner for the prince's first name.

Charles is also a long-time favorite of the British royal family, with two kings sporting the name, along with the prince's grandfather, who is next in line to take the throne. Louis' big sister Charlotte has a female variant on the name, and Charles also appears in the name of his uncle, Prince Harry. The name means "free man," and is currently more popular here in the U.S. than it is in the UK.

Interestingly, the internet (and the betting houses) got it wrong, as many predicted Albert was the name. Yesterday, news sites speculated that long-time front-runner name Albert had been picked, especially after people spotted a difference in how the royal family's website reacted if you tried to access it for the name Albert, saying "access denied" instead of "page not found." Louis was a long shot in many of England's betting houses, which means that there are a few people who scored big today on their bets!

In all? The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have picked a nice mix of classic names that will stand the test of time.