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Your baby boy's almost here! Will you go with a traditional Latino name or pay homage to your favorite fútbol star? Whatever you decide, we’re here to help! Check out our guide to picking a Spanish baby name.

Famous Latino Names

Top Pick: Oscar

Did you sense your baby’s star power the moment you saw him on the sonogram screen? Then why not name him after a star of the big screen? We love the name Oscar for Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac. Not only does it have a mighty meaning – “divine spearman” – but it implies only good things (and big awards!) to come.



Names of Wisdom and Honor

Top Pick: Hugo

You have big hopes for your little scholar. Maybe he’ll be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher...or all three! So give him a name that’s full of wisdom, honor, and truth. We love Hugo, which means “intelligent.”


  • Alberto, means “noble and bright”
  • Ramon, means “mighty counsel”
  • Agustín, means “venerable”
  • Facundo, means “eloquent”
  • Alonzo, means “noble and ready”

Classic Spanish Names

Top Pick: Mateo

If a trendy name feels too, well, trendy, an old-school name might be the way to go. After all, it’ll never go out of style. Our favorite option? Mateo, or Matias, aka the Spanish version of Matthew, which means “gift of God.”


  • Emilio, a Spanish variant of Emil that means “to rival”
  • José, a Spanish variant of Joseph that means “God will increase”
  • Pablo, a Spanish variant of Paul that means “little”
  • Tomás, a Spanish variant of Thomas that means “twin”
  • Eduardo, a Spanish variant of Edward that means “prosperous guardian”

Indigenous Latin American Names

Top Pick: Taiyari

Honor the men and women who came before you by picking an indigenous Latin American name. We love Taiyari, a Huichol name that means “our heart.”


  • Ikal, a Maya name that means “spirit”
  • Tanok, a Tepehuan name that means “Sun”
  • Yooko, a Yaqui name that means “Tiger”
  • Polo, a K’iche’name that means “sea”
  • Masawa, a Popoluca name that means “evening wind”  

Royal Names

Top Pick: Esteban

Give your príncipe a name that’s worthy of the throne (even if that throne is his car seat for the time being!). Esteban, which means “crowned,” is subtly royal without being over-the-top.


  • Felipe, aka the current king of Spain
  • Juan, a traditional Spanish royal name
  • Alfonso, means “noble” and “ready”
  • Luis, a traditional Spanish royal name
  • Carlos, a traditional Spanish royal name
  • Osvaldo, means “ruler” or “God’s power”

Celebrity Kids Names

Top Pick: Santiago

You know their kids from Instagram. So it’s no surprise that celebrities’ kids often influence the most popular baby names every year. (Check out the 100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019!) Eva Longoria Bastón and her husband, José, stuck with a classic Spanish name for their adorable son – Santiago, or Santi for short. It’s a variant of St. James, aka the patron saint of Spain.


  • Leo, son of Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem
  • Valentino, son of Ricky Martin
  • Maximilian, son of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
  • Rafael, son of Ana Ortiz
  • Manolo, son of Sofía Vergara

Spiritual Names

Top Pick: Teófilo

A spiritual name – like one with special meaning or one that pays homage to a saint – can show the world just how much of a blessing your baby boy is. We love the name Teófilo, which means “friend of God.”


  • Esai or Eliseo, means “God is salvation”
  • Salvador, means “savior”
  • Moises, a Spanish variant of Moses
  • Ezequiel, means “God strengthens”
  • Sancho, means “saint”
  • Jeronimo, means “sacred name”

Athletic Names

Top Pick: Radamel

You can tell by the way he kicks – your baby is destined to be a sports star! So give him a name that fits his talent. Like Radamel, after Colombian fútbol great Radamel Falcao.  


  • Carmelo, for basketball player Carmelo Anthony
  • Rafael, for tennis player Rafael Nadal
  • Victor, for football player Victor Cruz
  • Mariano, for baseball player Mariano Rivera
  • Lionel, for fútbol player Lionel Messi

Strong Names

Top Pick: Leonel

Empower him with a name that’ll fill him with strength and confidence. Like Leonel, which means “little lion.”


  • Guillermo, means “protector”  
  • Montez, means “mountain”
  • Alejandro, means “defender of mankind”
  • Rogelio, means “famous warrior”
  • Maximiliano, means “the greatest”

Unique Names

Top Pick: Rigoberto

He’s one in a million, so it only makes sense that his name should be unlike anyone else’s at the playground. Not only is Rigoberto, which means “wealthy,” unique, but it comes with a lot of nickname potential.


  • Abejundio, means “bee-like”
  • Placido, means “serene” or “placid”
  • Casimiro, means “announcing peace”
  • Everardo, means “brave boar”
  • Anselmo, means “God’s helmet”

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