Looking for cute boy names for your son? Try these charming names on for size.

By Lisa Milbrand

You know your son will be absolutely adorable. So why not pick one of these cute boy names to match?


This adorable nickname for Alfred, which means "wise counselor," is one of the top baby names in the UK. It hasn't quite caught on here yet, making it perfect for someone looking for something unique.


The Fault in Our Stars helped put this ancient Roman name back on the map—and it comes with two super-cute nicknames, Auggie or Gus.


This two-syllable boys' name has a charming meaning—"bee cottage."


This name has links to detective novelist Dashiell Hammond, and has the sweet nickname Dash.


Actor Dax Shepard has helped bring this short and sweet name into the limelight.


Hugh Grant picked this old Latin name, which means "happiness," for his son. It's currently just inside the top 250 baby names for boys.


Get to the popular nickname Finn with one of the cute boys names with Irish flair. Finley means "fair-haired hero."


While the longer-form Grayson rises up the charts, you could also stick with this short-and-sweet color name.


Catcher in the Rye leading man Holden Caufield has inspired literary-inclined parents to pick this cool baby name for their sons.


Kai is a sweet Hawaiian baby name with a gorgeous meaning: "sea."


A scenic surname name that means "long hill," Landon is a slightly less common alternative to the uberpopular Logan.


Currently in the top 75, Leo means "lion," and has been a baby name favorite for celebrity sons.


It may be associated with the legendary denim manufacturer, but Levi is actually in the Old Testament, as the son of Leah and Jacob. Levi is currently in the top 50 baby names for boys.


This sweet top 100 boys' name means "merciful," and comes with a wonderful pedigree—jazz legend Miles Davis.


This shorthand version of Nicholas makes for one of the cutest boy names. It means "people of victory," and currently ranks in the top 500 boys' names in the U.S.


Rory's an adorable baby name that means "red-haired king"—a perfect pick if you're expecting your child to have a baby with ginger hair.


Silas is an old-school baby name that means "forest," and is associated with the classic book, Silas Marner, and one of the early leaders of the Catholic Church.


A nickname for the Greek classic Tobias, Toby means "God is good." Actor Tobey Maguire is one of the more famous bearers of the name.


This stylish name with cowboy swagger has been popular for boys recently—though Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis picked it for their daughter. Wyatt means "brave in war."


A variation on Alexander, Xander shares its meaning—"defending men." It's most commonly associated with Buffy the Vampire Slayer's BFF Xander Harris.

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