Check out this fantastic list of baby boy and baby girl names inspired by astronauts, planets, spacecraft and more.

Astronaut Costume
Credit: Jami Saunders

Star Baby Names

Nearly a billion stars have names, and what beautiful names they are! Would you give your baby a name like Andromeda, Gemini or Orion?

Star names for girls: Aquarius, Aquila, Ara, Ariel, Calypso, Carina, Cassiopeia, Corona, Lira, Phoebe, Rhea, Sagitta, Ursa, Vela, and Venus

Star names for boys: Draco, Indus, Jupiter, Leo, Mars, Perseus, Phoenix, Triton, and Virgo

Astronomy Baby Names

Turn your baby into a stargazer with one of these names inspired by the world's most famous astronomers: Claudius (Ptolemy), Clyde (Tombaugh), Edmund (Halley), Galileo (Galilei), Johannes (Kepler), Maria (Mitchell), Nicholas (Copernicus), and Tycho (Brahe).

Astronaut Baby Names

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin beat American astronaut Alan Shepard to be the first man in space. Since then, many have followed – including these memorable space explorers: John (Glenn), James (Lovell, Jr.), Neil (Armstrong), Buzz (Aldrin), Sally (Ride), and Kathryn (Thornton).

Spacecraft Baby Names

Every NASA rocket and satellite is given a significant name. The names reflect everything from astronomy and exploration to music and colors to weapons and communications.

Spacecraft names for girls: Alexis, Anatolia, Ariane, Astrid, Aurora, Cerise, Dawn, Galaxy, Juno, Selene, Starlette, and Strela

Spacecraft names for boys: Aeros, Amos, Apollo, Artemis, Helios, Marco, Scout, Sirius, Vektor, and Zenith