Looking for a baby name with a strong story behind it? From Athena to Zeus, these Greek mythology names are definitely worth a look.

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Mythology names have become red hot for babies—whether you choose from the stories of Greece, Rome, or other cultures. Here are some of the best and most popular picks from those ancient stories.


Adonis was the human lover of Aphrodite, and was supposed to be the paragon of masculine beauty. The name has been on the rise since the turn of the century, and is currently in the top 400 baby names.


A rare but lovely name, Althea was a queen in Greek mythology, whose tragic story intertwined with her son's. The name means "healer."


Andromeda was a beautiful princess—and when her father boasted too much of her beauty, the ocean god Poseidon sent a sea monster to attack her. It's also the name of a constellation.


The Greek god of the sun has inspired plenty of parents recently—Apollo is just outside the top 500 baby names in the U.S.


Ares is the Greek god of war, and a suddenly popular name for boys—it's been in the top 1000 baby names since 2013.


A slightly rare baby name, Ariadne was a princess of Crete, who was a half-sister of the Minotaur. She married the god of wine, Dionysus. The name means "holy."


The Greek goddess of wisdom gives us one of the most red hot mythology names—Athena is currently just outside the top 100 names.


The god who literally carried the weight of the world, Atlas has become a super-hot name for boys—it first hit the top 1000 in 2013, and is now in the top 300.


Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy—but doomed to have no one believe her. It was a top 100 pick throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but has fallen off in popularity since.


This lovely name was given to the goddess of music and poetry. Give it a go for your daughter!


In Greek myth, Daphne was turned into a laurel tree to avoid the advances of Apollo.


Mother Earth was personified by this goddess, which is one of the loveliest of mythology names. Actress Emma Thompson named her daughter Gaia.


A hero of the Trojan War, Hector has been a steadily popular name for more than a half-century.


Wife of Zeus, Hera was the queen of the Greek gods, and goddess of marriage and family.


Now more of a unisex name, Hero was originally a lady with a very tragic story. Hero inspired her lover, Leander, to swim across a strait to see her. One night, he drowned crossing the waters, and she leapt to her death to be with him.


Hestia is the Greek goddess of hearth and home—and a lovely, if offbeat, name.


A lovely floral name, Iris was originally given to the Greek goddess of the rainbow.


Jason and his Argonauts adventured out in search of the Golden Fleece. A red hot name in the 1970s and 1980s, Jason still ranks in the top 100 baby names. It means "healer."


Maia was the goddess of the spring, and the mother of the Greek god Hermes. This mythology name means "mother."


The long and winding tale of how Odysseus traveled home to his wife from the Trojan Wars is the stuff of legend—and gave us the word odyssey.


Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus, who awaited her husband's return. It's a top 30 baby name, which means "weaver."


Originally another name for Artemis, the goddess of the moon, Phoebe's now more famously known as the free-spirited Friend.


Rhea was the mother of all the Greek gods in mythology. It's a name with a very poetic meaning—"a flowing stream."


Selene is another name for the moon goddess, in addition to Phoebe and Cynthia.


The king of the gods makes a mighty name for a son.

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