Ideas for Baby Names

Out of ideas for baby names? We've got you covered. From unique baby girl names to cool boy names, we'll help you make the best choice for you and your little one.

Wackiest Celebrity Baby Names

Royal Reign? Rainbow Aurora? Unusual baby names can be part of the deal if you're a celeb's kid. Check out this list of the more, shall we say, unique baby names from Hollywood stars. (Even Bronx Mowgli was too normal to make the cut!).

How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Baby

Whether you want to go trendy, traditional, or totally unique, we've gathered great ideas on how to select the ideal name for your newborn.

A to Z Guide to Celebrity Baby Names

Looking for inspiration when it comes to naming your baby? Here's your guide to some of the most intriguing celebrity baby names from across the alphabet.

The Top 20 Baby Names of 2015

Which baby names ranked supreme in 2015? Check out the chart-toppers from the latest Social Security Administration data.

Weird, Wacky, and Unusual Baby Names

If you don't want your baby to be the third "Matthew" in class, use this list of weird names as your guide to choosing something more hip and trendy to call your baby boy or girl.

Christian Baby Names

On the hunt for Christian baby names? Use our list to find the perfect name.

25 Best Old-Fashioned Baby Names for Girls

Thoroughly Modern Millie is making her rounds again thanks to Millie Bobby Brown. Check out these classic and vintage girl names that are ready to make a comeback.

Amber Tamblyn Finally Reveals Her Daughter's Name, and We're Loving It

The actress has finally told the world the name of her new daughter with David Cross.

We Have a Major Crush on Megan Hilty's Baby Name

You may want to steal this one for your son!

Baby Girl Names Inspired by Historical Figures

Think your daughter is destined for greatness? Name her after a woman who is known for her remarkable achievements.

10 Unpopular Baby Names That Deserve a Second Chance

Are these names disappearing forever? Check out some of the baby names in danger of extinction.

Baby Names: How to Know You've Picked the Right Name

Naming your baby can be a daunting task. Here's how to know you've picked the right name.

Cute and Pretty Girl Names for Your Baby

From feminine to sweet and vintage to French, we've rounded up our favorite baby girl names. Consider one of these lovely options for your daughter.

22 'Star Wars' Baby Names for Your Little Jedi

Let the force awaken some baby-name inspiration!

What Your Child's Name Says About You

Babies start off with a clean slate, so what you choose for your little one reveals more about your personality than theirs.

Middle Names: 8 Ways to Pick the Perfect One for Your Baby

Don't make second names an afterthought. When it comes to selecting middle names for girls and boys, follow these tips to pick one with flair.

The Most Unpopular Baby Names of the Year

What goes up, eventually goes down. Find out which baby names lost favor in 2015.

25 Best Vintage Baby Names for Boys

Looking for a retro baby name that feels new again? Dust off one of these old-fashioned gems for your brand-new baby boy.

What Offbeat Baby Names Are Most Popular in Your State?

New Nameberry research looks at the quirky baby names parents are picking most often, based on which state they call home.

Deciding on Baby's Last Name

Will your baby take your last name? Your partner's? A combo of the two? Use these tips to select your baby's surname.

Natalie Portman Has Welcomed a Baby Girl!

Natalie Portman and husband Benjamin Millepied have added baby No. 2 to their brood!

Baby Names: How to Pick a Great Name

Your perfect little person needs the perfect name. Here's how to pick a great name for baby.

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