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Out of ideas for baby names? We've got you covered. From unique baby girl names to cool boy names, we'll help you make the best choice for you and your little one.

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80 Cottagecore Baby Names to Inspire an Idyllic Little Life on the Prairie—or Playground

From Winnie to River, the back-to-nature trend that's taken hold during the pandemic has boosted these these popular cottagecore boy, girl, and gender-neutral baby names in a big way.

The Best British Regency Baby Names Inspired by 'Bridgerton'

If you love Simon and Daphne, you're going to burn for these boy and girl baby names inspired by the cast of characters in Bridgerton. Swoon.

15 Popular Baby Names Inspired by the Coronavirus Pandemic—Yes, Really

If you're giving birth during the pandemic, you probably won't want to name your child "Corona," but there are plenty of coronavirus-inspired baby name ideas to consider that can still honor the time they were born.

Honoring Ethnic Names is an Important Way to Celebrate Diversity of Families in America

Parents with immigrant heritage share their decision process for selecting names for their children and why it's important we use these preferred names.

20 Famous Names That Will Make Your Baby a Star

These baby names for boys and girls just may to set your child up for fame and fortune, according to British oddsmakers. Read on (and choose wisely) if you want to see your kid on the red carpet someday.

From Evabeth to Jaspin, Made-Up Baby Names Are on the Rise

A new wave of parents are making up their own baby names with the hope of making their kid unique. But what impact do made-up names like Maevery and Tovin have on baby name trends—and on the kids who sport them?

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75 Badass Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Whether you like the idea of choosing a name that honors a legend, idolizes an action hero, or one that just sounds totally wild, every one of these badass baby name ideas will prove your baby's a force to be reckoned with.

50 Bohemian Baby Names That Are More Popular Than Ever

Nature-themed baby names—particularly those associated with things that grow—are among the most popular bohemian baby names around. We gathered up our favorite options for your future free spirt, plus more bohemian names that have lovely meanings inspired by gods and goddesses, the heavens, and wonderful wishes for little ones.