If you're not learning the sex of your baby before birth, consider one of these unisex baby names that can work for a boy or a girl.


Choosing a gender-neutral name can cut the baby name hunting in half: Simply find one amazing name that works whether you're having a girl or a boy. And fortunately, there are plenty of enticing unisex baby name options out there for you to consider.


If you think your child is destined to be divine, consider this word name, which is among the most popularly unisex baby names.


Poet W.H. Auden is often the inspiration behind this baby name pick, which means "old friend."


The classic Irish surname is a popular pick for boys or girls—though currently skewing slightly more toward the ladies. It means "law enforcer," making it the perfect choice for a child of police officers.


This short and sweet name can mean either fair-haired or dark, and can be used for both boys or girls. Its current claim to fame is actress Blake Lively.


This Scottish surname is currently more popular for boys (in the top 75) than it is for girls (currently in the top 600), but it makes a charming choice for either gender.


Dakota is a Sioux word meaning "friendly one," and the name of a pair of Sioux subcultures, along with a pair of states.


Elliott is an English take on the Biblical classic Elijah, and shares its meaning: "Jehovah is God."


This German surname, most commonly associated with the American philosopher and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson, has become a fresh name pick for both boys and girls.


This sweet Celtic name, which means "fair-haired hero," is just starting to catch on for girls.


The name of a river and a nation, Jordan also has been used pretty equally for boys and for girls for more than a decade.


The late Beatle John Lennon inspires many parents to select this surname name for their son or daughter—especially rock musicians. Nashville actress Lennon Stella is perhaps the most famous person wearing Lennon as a first name.


This lovely pick—which means "seaside meadow"—is commonly associated with the troublesome dog in the popular movie and book Marley and Me, along with reggae legend Bob Marley and Scrooge's doomed former partner in A Christmas Carol.


A Welsh name that means "sea song," Morgan was first used for a sorceress in the stories of King Arthur. It's currently used slightly more often for girls than for boys.


Actress Parker Posey helped popularize this surname name for girls—it means "park keeper."


This short and sweet Irish moniker is a popular gender-neutral name option that leans a little more toward the ladies at the moment, thanks to its use for mean-girl Quinn Fabray on the show Glee.


One of the trendiest unisex baby names is this French favorite, most notably associated with the foodie rat restaurateur in Pixar's Ratatouille.


This charming Irish name means red-haired—but you don't have to be a ginger to sport it. While it's almost exclusively a boys' name in the UK, it's used for plenty of girls in the U.S., perhaps due to its usage as a nickname for Lorelai in the popular series Gilmore Girls.


An anglicization of the common Dutch surname Schuyler (as in Hamilton's Schuyler sisters), Skyler means "scholar." It's nearly equally popular for boys and girls.


An occupational name meaning "tailor," Taylor has been used for both boys (think actor Taylor Lautner) and girls (singer Taylor Swift).


Playwright Thornton Wilder could be the inspiration behind this baby name pick, currently in vogue with several celebrity couples.