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Baby Name: Estefania

Popularity Chart

Boy Girl

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Spanish for Joseph

Gender: Either | Origin: Spanish, Hebrew
Popularity: Popular


From Germany

Gender: Either | Origin: Spanish, French, English
Popularity: Familiar


Short for Christina, Martina

Gender: Either | Origin: Greek, Spanish
Popularity: Familiar


Short for Emmanuel

Gender: Either | Origin: Spanish, English
Popularity: Familiar

Spanish names

These bold boys' and girls' names are favorites in Spain -- Alejandro, Alfonso,Benito, Guadalupe, Guillermo, Joaquin, Marisol, Perla, Paz, Yolanda, Yvonne and more

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  2. Adriana
  3. Alberto
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Poet or cheerleader? Elegant girl names with sporty nicknames

Super femme poet names with sporty cheerleader nicknames, perfect for the girly girl or tom boy -- Daniella (Dani), Carolina (Cari), Donatella (Donni), Genevieve (Genny) and more

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