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Baby Name: Cosette

Popularity Chart

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Ooh la la! Flirty "ette" names

Pretty, flirty, fun -- these names are reminiscent of the Parisian countryside -- Annette, Miette, Nocolette, Yvette, Alouette and more

  1. Annette
  2. Arlette
  3. Babette
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Form of Clara

Gender: Girl | Origin: French, Italian
Popularity: Familiar



Gender: Girl | Origin: French


White wine

Gender: Girl | Origin: French


Secure, protected

Gender: Girl | Origin: Spanish, Latin, French
Popularity: Familiar

Broadway musicals

Names from show-stopping musicals that deserve a round of applause -- Eliza, Roxie, Nellie, Fiorello, Sweeney and more

  1. Adelaide
  2. Annie
  3. Cassie
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