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Baby Name: Byron

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Little warrior

Gender: Boy | Origin: French, English, Old English
Popularity: Popular


Noble friend, friend of the elves

Gender: Boy | Origin: Teutonic, Old English, English
Popularity: Familiar

Literary names

These names envoke the literary geniuses that brought you classic novels like Little Women, To Kill a Mockingbird and The Odyssey -- Whitman, Bronte, Anais, Alcott and more

  1. Alcott
  2. Anais
  3. Arundhati
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Flag, banner

Gender: Boy | Origin: English, French
Popularity: Familiar


Ash-tree settlement

Gender: Boy | Origin: English, Old English
Popularity: Popular

"Bachelor" Baby Names for Boys

Forget roses—the real decision here is picking just one of these baby names.

  1. Alex
  2. Aaron
  3. Andrew
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