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Baby Name: Buffy

Popularity Chart

Boy Girl

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Modern TV

These characters are from shows that we're watching -- tonight -- Dawson, Betty, Buffy, Charlotte, Felicity, Raymond, Wilhelmina, Rosie and more

  1. Addison
  2. Adriana
  3. Ally
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Preppies and socialites

Lockjawed names for the Brooks Brothers set—Blair, Bunny, Cabot, Channing, Hadley, Pierce, Tipper, Sloan, Tenley and more

  1. Biff
  2. Bitsy
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Nickname for Riley

Gender: Either | Origin: American, Irish


Short for Dora, Dorothy

Gender: Either | Origin: Greek, American
Popularity: Unusual


Short for James

Gender: Either | Origin: American, Hebrew, English
Popularity: Familiar


Native American tribe

Gender: Either | Origin: American, Native American, Cheyenne
Popularity: Popular