Kids With These Baby Names Are Most Likely to Become Influencers

A new review of hundreds of Instagram accounts reveals the boy and girl names that could give kids a shot at social media stardom.

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If you're a celeb, you might be more inclined to choose a baby name that's a bit eyebrow-raising and super-unique. But if you're hoping that your child grows up to be famous—at least on social media—then you might want to check out new findings from

The Canadian gaming site recently searched hundreds of Instagram accounts to land on the boy and girl baby names associated with influencer accounts as well as the ones that have the most followers. Then, based on those impressive numbers, they landed on the names that could help kids become influencers some day. Here's what they found.

Girl Names Destined to Be Influencers

The site found that Hannah—with an average 1,128,000 followers—was the most popular influencer name for girls, boasting 50 IG accounts. Others to consider:

Chloe: The name boasts 50 influencers and an average of 2,394,400 followers.

Sophie: The third most popular has 40 influencers and 3,377,000 followers.

Sarah: There are 40 influencer accounts associated with Sarah as well as 1,790,000 followers.

Rebecca: Although there are only 40 influencer accounts for Rebecca, the name snagged the highest number of followers: 5,578,000 on average.

Boy Names Destined to Be Influencers

As for boys, Jamie turned out to be the name popping up on the most influencer accounts. Plus, the name boasts 9,800,000 followers. More options:

Jack: This classic moniker popped up on 26 influencer accounts and is associated with 4 million followers.

Erick: The name that fell third on the list has 19influencer accounts and 327K followers.

James: The third most popular name for boys on the list is on 18 influencer accounts and 25.4K followers.

Wayne: The fifth most popular boy name on the list showed up on 14 influencer accounts and claims 702K followers.

More Influential Baby Name Options

Based on the type of influencer you might like your child to be, you could take your pick from an array of trending baby names.

Top 5 Names of Lifestyle Influencers

  1. Sarah
  2. Chloe
  3. Ella
  4. Hannah
  5. Sophie

Top 5 Names of Gaming Influencers

  1. Nick
  2. Jamie
  3. Nate
  4. Brook
  5. Tyler

Top 5 Names of Fitness Influencers

  1. James
  2. Kelsey
  3. Laura
  4. Samantha
  5. Eric

Interestingly, the vast majority of these names appear to be downright timeless options—perfect for becoming an influencer some day or, really, anything else babies want to be when they grow up.

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