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Baby Name: Alexander

Popularity Chart

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From the forest

Gender: Boy | Origin: Latin, Greek
Popularity: Popular


He who is strong; chemical element

Gender: Boy | Origin: Greek
Popularity: Unusual

Founding fathers

Sturdy American classics that carry the history of the United States -- Franklin, Hamilton, George, Samuel, Washington and more

  1. Alexander
  2. Benjamin
  3. Franklin
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Scottish boys

Don your kilt and pick out a popular Scottish boys' names for your wee laddie

  1. Lewis
  2. Jack
  3. Ryan
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Bringer of light

Gender: Boy | Origin: Greek, German
Popularity: Popular

Swedish boys

If you love ABBA and Ikea, check out boys' names that are popular in Sweden -- Linus, Simon, Alex, Anton, Albin, Emil and more

  1. Lucas
  2. Oscar
  3. William
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