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Baby Name: Maxwell

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Powerful, mighty

Gender: Boy | Origin: English, Old English, Scottish
Popularity: Familiar

Name for Beatles Fans

Take a walk down Penny Lane -- names that Beatles fans will love -- Ringo, Yoko, John, Linda, Sadie, Rita, Paul and more

  1. Eleanor
  2. George
  3. John
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The X Names

Exceptional names that use the letter X.

  1. Jaxon
  2. Xavier
  3. Xander
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Celebrity babies

The wild and wacky names celebrities give their babies—Avis, Beckett, Jamison, Piper, Story, Kal-el, Indiana, Cruz, Ever, Bluebell, Blanket and more

  1. Avis
  2. Banjo
  3. Beckett
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Clever, charming

Gender: Boy | Origin: English, Scottish
Popularity: Familiar


Oak-tree ford

Gender: Boy | Origin: English, Celtic, Scottish
Popularity: Familiar