130 Baby Names Inspired by Fictional Characters

In search of a baby name? Turn to the screen (or the page) for fictional character inspiration from movies, TV shows, video games, and books.

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Baby name inspiration is everywhere: in your Netflix queue, your TBR stack, your favorite gaming system, and even that Sunday night Succession appointment TV viewing. If you’re looking for the perfect moniker for your future little one, why not turn to the fictional characters who inhabit your world?

Baby names could come from a beloved childhood book, a movie you watch and rewatch, or a trendy TV show that sparks your interest. We've rounded up names inspired by fictional characters from books to films and beyond.

Baby Names Inspired by Books

From popular beach reads to childhood faves to the ultimate classics, book pages are packed with baby names. Looking for a literary-minded moniker for your little one? The library is waiting! 

  • Anne, Diana, Ruby, Gilbert, Matthew, Marilla - If the Anne of Green Gables series was your absolute bosom friend in your youth, why not find a sweet first or middle name from the folks in Avonlea?
  • Elizabeth or Darcy - Go straight to Jane Austen’s best-known book (and most beloved movie adaptation) for two timeless, hopelessly romantic names.
  • Ramona - Bonus points if you pair it with Beatrice, like the sisters from Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and Beezus books.
  • Madeline - Perfect for a little Parisian and inspired by one of the most popular children’s books of all time.
  • Matilda - Future bookworm status is practically guaranteed with this ode to the Roald Dahl book. 
  • Daisy, Jordan - The object of Gatsby’s affection is a gorgeous, old-fashioned but not-dated choice, and her pal Jordan’s name works as a gender-neutral option.
  • Daisy, Camila, Simone, Billy, Warren - Speaking of daisies, if you’re more into the ‘70s than the ‘20s, consider naming your future musician after one of the characters from Taylor Jenkins Reid's Daisy Jones and the Six.
  • Bridget - The titular diarist in Helen Fielding’s novels makes a wonderful name for an observant, cheeky child.
  • Atticus - A total classic, Atticus gained popularity after being featured in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.
  • Rue - Channel the young Hunger Games heroine with this short and sweet name.
  • Charlotte - Spin a web of delight when you name your daughter after the E.B. White classic.
  • Robinson - For an adventurous choice, opt for a strong first name inspired by Robinson Crusoe. 
  • Josephine or Theodore - Little Women's Jo and Teddy for short, of course!  
  • Edmund, Peter, Susan or Lucy - A mystical world of wonder awaits with Chronicles of Narnia-inspired names.
  • Sula - Toni Morrison’s novel of the same name inspired this beautiful pick.
  • Lara - You don’t have to add “Jean” as a middle name, but it would be a cute reference to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. 
  • Cassian, Rhysand, Feyre, or Nesta - Did you tear through Sarah J. Maas’s A Court of Thorns and Roses series? The High Fae would definitely approve of these fantasy names.
  • Evelyn or Celia - Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is ripe with baby name inspo, notably the Old Hollywood heroines at its heart.
  • Astrid - This celestial name could be a reference to Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians or the main character in White Oleander.
  • Violeta - If you love the sweeping generational tales and magical realism of Isabel Allende’s work, take a cue from her most recent novel with this gorgeous, romantic floral name.
  • Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Esme, Cullen - Don’t immediately dismiss Twilight names! We might recommend skipping Renesmee, but many of the characters have eternally classic names that work in Forks and IRL.
  • Holden - J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye protagonist may complain about phonies, but Holden is a genuinely great name.
  • Arwen - For the Lord of the Rings fans on the list — a gorgeous, ethereal name inspired by Liv Tyler’s elven queen.

Baby Names Inspired by Movies

Head to the theater (or queue up Netflix) to find the perfect baby name. No matter your favorite genre, there’s a plethora of inspiration and ideas on the silver screen.

  • Scarlett or Rhett - Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn about these classic movie names. Scarlett in particular has had quite a resurgence recently, and for obvious reason — it’s a vivid, powerful name that conveys passion and strength.
  • Harriet - Name your future spy after the kiddie classic; Harriet means “ruler” or “powerful,” so you’re setting your baby on the path to greatness. 
  • Briony, Cecelia - The sisters at the heart of Atonement both have beautiful but timeless names that feel right at home in the ‘30s and in 2023.
  • Wendy - The name Wendy (Moira Angela Darling optional) instantly conjures feelings of steadfast sweetness and practicality of Peter Pan.
  • Pip or Estella - These Great Expectations-inspired names feel both classic and trendy at the same time, much like the beloved ‘90s movie adaptation starring Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • Westley - Buttercup optional. Wesley has British roots and means “meadow,” further solidifying its fairytale allure, and Princess Bride references.
  • Apollo - Inspired by Rocky and Creed, Apollo has roots in both Greek and Roman mythology and is an impactful, powerful choice.
  • Regina, Gretchen, Damian - Mean Girls is a surprising source of “fetch” name inspo, including two of the iconic Plastics and Cady’s BFF Damian. 
  • Luke or Leia - For the Star Wars fans in the house, of course. 
  • Jack or Rose - You can’t have a movie-centric list without a Titanic mention. Both heroes have the kind of names that really stand the test of time (and an iceberg).
  • Forrest - There’s a reason Jenny names her son after his father in Forrest Gump — it’s a great name! 
  • Tiana or Naveen - The Princess and the Frog couple have truly enchanted names; Tiana means “princess,” while Naveen translates to “new.”
  • Nakia, Ramonda, Shuri - Black Panther's Wakanda is home to a plethora of wonderful names, including Queen Ramonda, played by Angela Bassett. 
  • Tristan - Give a nod to '90s icons when you reference Brad Pitt as the dreamy second son Tristan in Legends of the Fall.
  • Noah - Ryan Gosling’s Noah rebuilt a mansion with his bare hands in The Notebook. Don’t you want that kind of skill for your future child? Noah is a versatile, classic name that works for all genders.
  • Sally - Meg Ryan’s character in When Harry Met Sally has a great head of hair — and a timeless name to match! 
  • Cher, Dionne, Tai, Murray - Can’t get enough Clueless? You’ll go postal for these Beverly Hills-inspired names.
  • Sloan, Cameron, Ferris - Take a sick day and revisit the ‘80s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for baby name inspo, including the hero himself, his best friend, and his girlfriend.
  • Troy or Gabriella - With these High School Musical names, we're certainly all in this together! (This being parenthood.)
  • Coraline - Coraline is a fantastical name inspired by Neil Gaiman’s book and the 2009 movie of the same name. It’s derived from “coral” and conjures visions of precious jewels and magical worlds.
  • Dorothy - Travel to Oz with the sweetly old-fashioned name Dorothy. Just watch out for tornadoes! 
  • Elsa - Don’t let it go! Keep this classic Frozen name on hand for a winter baby.
  • Anita, Maria, Bernardo, Tony - Are you a big musical fan? West Side Story is one of the most beloved movie musicals of all time, and you’ll be singing “I just met a girl named Maria” if you choose a name from this Romeo and Juliet retelling. 
  • Penny - OK, Penny Lane wasn’t her real name, but it could be the perfect choice for your future music fan with this Almost Famous name.
  • Elle or Emmett - Head to Harvard with a baby name inspired by the ‘00s favorite Legally Blonde. 

Baby Names Inspired by TV Shows

Maybe it’s the hottest show on TV right now, or an old favorite you rewatch for comfort. Next time you channel surf, pay attention to the names that grab you.

  • Cassie, Jules, Lexi, Maddy, Kat - Euphoria’s girl group all have cool but not super-trendy names. 
  • Siobhan, Kendall, Roman, Connor - The Roy children of Succession have strong, powerful names befitting their billionaire status.
  • Harper, Daphne, Cameron, Ethan, Portia - Book a stay at the White Lotus with some of the best names from Season 2 of the HBO series.
  • Aria or Arya - Whether you’re a Pretty Little Liars fan or a member of Game of Thrones's Stark clan, Aria and Arya are both pretty and unique names.
  • Archie, Veronica, Betty - Riverdale’s lead characters (minus Jughead, whose real name is actually Forsythe) have pleasantly retro but not dated first names.
  • Meredith - Paging Dr. Grey! Meredith is a Welsh name that means “ruler,” just like the doctor at the heart of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Rainbow - Tracee Ellis Ross’s Black-ish character, who goes by Bow, has a wonderfully fun first name.
  • Penelope, Anthony, Simon, Eloise, Charlotte, Kate, Colin, Prudence- A Bridgerton ball could be the source of so many enchanting names for boys and girls.
  • Jessa, Shoshanna, Adam, Elijah - If you recently completed a Girls rewatch, you may have sparked to one of the main characters’ names. 
  • Wednesday or Edith - We won’t be surprised if there’s an uptick in Addams Family-centric names after the success of Netflix’s Wednesday. 
  • Olivia - Even Taylor Swift isn’t immune to the charms of this popular name. She named one of her cats after the Law & Order: SVU heroine Detective Olivia Benson. Olivia is also Kerry Washington’s character’s name in Scandal. 

Baby Names Inspired by Video Games

Pick up your controller and find name inspiration from classic video games and popular franchises.

  • Zelda - This name feels royal, just like the princess in the beloved Legend of Zelda series.
  • Peach - We can’t imagine a sweeter name than the Super Mario princess.
  • Kirby - This cheerful name perfectly suits the little pink hero of the massively successful video game franchise.
  • Ellie or Joel - The Last of Us may be a wildly popular HBO series, but it was a video game first. Name your future hero after the two brave survivors at the center of this apocalyptic game.
  • Ash - He’s gotta catch ‘em all! Ash is a versatile name that means “tree” and can be a clever reference to Pokémon.
  • Ada - This Resident Evil-inspired name means “noble” and works well with a variety of middle names too.
  • Elena - Elena is one of the characters in the cult classic Final Fantasy series. This ethereal name translates to “bright light.”
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