Baby Coming Home Outfit Ideas for Every Season

Be ready for whatever the weather holds with these newborn coming home outfit ideas.

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Packing the hospital bag is one of the most important rituals of late pregnancy—and one of the most overwhelming. Not only do you have to pack everything you'll need for your stay at the hospital or birthing center, you also need to bring the essentials for your new baby, whom you haven’t even met yet! 

One such essential is the “coming home” outfit: the ensemble your little one will be wearing when you take the big journey from the hospital to their new home. Many parents keep the coming home outfit as a memento, so it can hold a lot of sentimental weight. 

When it comes down to it, simple is best for newborn coming home outfits. It may be tempting to put your baby in an elaborate, Instagram-friendly ensemble to capture some cute pictures as they settle in, but your little one will be more comfortable (and thus, happier) in easy onesies—and getting them dressed before you depart will be less stressful for you, too.

Check out some of the cutest coming home outfits for your newborn, sorted by season to make packing your hospital bag a little easier.

When to Pack Your Hospital Bag

In general, you should have your hospital bags packed anywhere between weeks 35 and 37 of pregnancy, given that you could potentially go into labor around this time. That said, it's not a bad idea to start packing earlier (around 30-32 weeks of pregnancy) in case your baby decides to come extra early. Start making your list at the beginning of your third trimester, or consider keeping your bag in a convenient spot so you can toss in items as you think of them.

Newborn Essentials for Your Hospital Bag

Your new baby doesn’t require a lot in their first days of life—just breast milk or formula, warmth, and lots of snuggles and love. So don’t go overboard packing every single thing, if you can help it. The hospital will likely provide items like diapers, swaddles, and baby shampoo for the duration of your stay, but if you have favorite brands, you can definitely bring them along.

You will, however, need to choose the coming home outfit for baby and pack it alongside your stuff. The hospital or birthing center will likely give you a newborn hat to keep baby’s head warm post-birth, but if you’ve got your heart set on a certain little hat for the coming home journey (and accompanying photos), go ahead and pack yours. If you’re not sure how big your little one will be, pack an NB size and a 0-3M option just to be safe.

Add some socks or booties, depending on the weather in your region. It’s also a good idea to pack a few blankets—hospital blankets are notoriously not the softest, and blankets can be used to keep your newborn warm on the way home. If you’re expecting a summer baby, opt for lighter weight cotton muslin styles, and try fleece for winter babes.

Winter Coming Home Outfit Ideas

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Your baby has only been a member of the outside world for a few days, so they’re still figuring out body temperature regulation. Keep this in mind when you’re dressing them for a winter trip home.

“The general rule we follow is that babies require one more layer of warmth coverage than we would need as adults,” explains Liz Hochman, F.A.C.C.E., L.C.C.E., C.L.C., C.D.(D.O.N.A.) and founder of birthED. “So if we are going out in a coat and a hat and mittens, they should be going out in a coat, hat, mittens, and a blanket. However, it's crucial that we don't put baby in any bulky snowsuits or coats in the car seat.” That's because thick coats and snowsuits can cause the car seat harness to loosen, rendering it less effective in the event of a car crash.

If you live in a super-chilly climate, dressing your baby warmly may feel overwhelming. Hochman recommends heating up the car in advance, or keeping the car seat in your hospital room so it’s not freezing cold. Next, layer like a pro: start with a onesie or bodysuit, followed by a tight-fitting pajama-style long-sleeved top and pants, another layer of shirt and pants, and a pair of warm socks or foot covers. “Add a snuggly fitted blanket over their secured harness with a hat and mittens, and they should be cozy,” says Hochman, adding that if you’re using a blanket, it should be snugly tucked around your baby over the harness, and not under. “Never use any car seat covers that go under them in the car seat.” 

Consider these options for a winter coming home outfit.

Baby Pointelle Two-Piece Set, Primary

Perfect for layering on those winter days, this pointelle cotton set is lightweight and easy to mix and match with the rest of your baby’s ensemble, not to mention colorful and fun.

Sugar Pine Baby Organic Sweater Knit 2-Piece Set, Carter's

A cozy sweater set is adorable for the journey home and can be worn again and again as your baby grows.

Infant Micro D Fleece Bunting, Patagonia

Keep baby super snuggly warm in recycled fleece; just make sure the suit fits correctly to keep it car seat-safe.

Organic Baby Snug Fit Cotton Pajamas, Burt’s Bees Baby

Tight-fitting pajamas are a wonderful base layer when getting your baby dressed for super cold temperatures.

Furry Fleece Stay-On Booties, Zutano

These super cozy booties are made with the warmest fleece and faux shearling fur to keep those little toes warm, and the snap detail helps them stay on tiny feet.

Spring Coming Home Outfit Ideas

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Spring weather can be hard to plan for; one day it’s sunny and 75 degrees, and the next it’s snowing or pouring rain. When you’re welcoming a spring baby, think lightweight cotton tops and pants that you can mix and match, or layer up when needed. 

If it’s raining, use a lightweight muslin swaddle blanket over the car seat from door to door, or hold an umbrella over your new arrival. If your spring weather is more lion than lamb, follow the winter layering rules, but remove one layer if temps allow.

Here are some pieces for spring coming home outfits.

Wrap Top + Pant Set by Quincy Mae, Pacifier Kids

This adorable two-piece set made of soft, brushed organic cotton jersey allows for easy dressing. The wrap top means you can skip too-tight neck holes and snaps, and the footed drawstring pants make sure their little toes are covered.

Hospital Cuddle Box, Monica & Andy

This sweet set of newborn essentials does all the planning for you. Each box contains two wrap tops, a pair of pants, a printed blanket, and a matching newborn cap, all made with organic cotton that feels soft and comfy against a baby’s delicate skin.

3-Piece Cotton Set, H&M

What a little deer! This adorable outfit makes getting ready a snap, literally, thanks to snaps at the neck for easy changing and lightweight pants that fit perfectly over a diaper.

Baby Girls’ 3-Pc Floral Take Me Home Top and Bottom Set, Gerber Baby

Your little one will be sweeter than the spring flowers in this pink floral set, complete with a matching printed hat.

Summer Coming Home Outfit Ideas

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In the summer months, the same “one more layer” rule applies, though if temps are soaring, you may have to adapt their outfit to protect them from the sun and help them stay cool. “I know the grandmas at the grocery store are ‘tsk tsk tsk’ing you for not having socks on those little footies, but if it's 80 degrees in July and you're wearing your open toe sandals, shorts, and a tank, and feeling pretty warm, they are likely as well,” explains Hochman. “For summer months, we’re thinking about clothing to keep them cool, while also protecting their newborn skin from the sun.” 

If you’re using a blanket for the trip home, be sure you’re not covering the car seat completely; it can trap in heat and lead to potentially dangerous temperatures inside.  

Here are some items to consider for summer coming home outfits.

Baby Stripe Shawl Collar Romper, Janie + Jack

A nautical vibe screams summer fun, so bring your summer babe home in sailor-inspired style with this cute short-sleeved romper.

Baby Collared Muslin Romper, Hanna Andersson

Cotton muslin is soft and breezy for those hot, humid, sticky summer days and feels great against a baby’s delicate skin.

Infant Moby Short Sleeve Onesie, Roller Rabbit

Your baby will make a splash (pun intended) in this whale-print onesie, perfect with lightweight pants or shorts.

Baby Three-Piece Outfit Set, Gap Factory

Easy does it with this cute and convenient three-piece set made of super soft (and easy to care for!) cotton jersey. It’s perfect for the early days of summer when you’re not sure what the forecast holds.

Unisex Sleeveless Henley Romper for Baby, Old Navy

A henley-style romper gives you endless styling opportunities; choose from seasonal prints or solid colors. You can also layer it with a light hoodie or sweater for cool mornings and evenings, or add a long-sleeved onesie underneath.

Fall Coming Home Outfit Ideas

two babies lying on a blanket holding pine cones and leaves

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Layette sets are perfect for fall babies, given that the weather can go from warm and sunny to cold and dreary in a flash. They’re easy to layer up when it’s chilly, but lightweight enough to work if the temperatures rise. You can also have fun with seasonal outfits come fall—think cozy colorful plaids, warm-toned color palettes, and adorable teeny sweaters.

Here's some fall coming home outfit inspiration for your baby.

Organic Waffle Basic Zip Footie in Red Plaid, Spearmint Love

Do you love hitting up the apple orchard and sipping warm cider on a crisp fall day? Dress your little one in cheerful, seasonal red plaid to start their autumn adoration early. Bonus points if you match with your favorite flannel.

GRNSHTS Newborn Romper, Amazon

“Hi, I’m new here,” reads this adorable (and apt) onesie set, available in several different colors to suit your family style. It’s practically made for your baby’s first big Instagram moment.

Cloud Island 3-Pack Fox Sleep ‘N Play Set, Target

It’s always a good idea to be prepared when it comes to newborns, and a three-piece set of convenient footed sleepers can go from hospital to home in a jiffy, thanks to the easy fit and zipper closure. Your baby will be comfortable in the car, and all snuggled up with their loved ones at home.

Baby 2-Piece Cardigan & Pant Set, Carter's

A fall ‘fit isn’t complete without a cardigan! Pack this two-piece set alongside a few easy onesies for versatile styling options depending on the weather.

Atwood Newborn Top Knot Hat, Copper Pearl

Woodland creatures adorn this fitted newborn cap to keep your little one’s head warm at the hospital and at home.

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