What Your Baby's Astrological Sign Can Tell You About Their Behavior

Your child's unique astrological blueprint could give you the tools to take the stress out of contending with misbehavior.

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Whether you’re an expectant parent, a new one, or are already a few years into raising your little one, you likely find yourself wishing there were hard and fast rules to help you better manage the highs and lows. Instead, you’ve likely been curating your own distinctive parenting toolbox full of tips, tricks, strategies, and approaches you’ve picked up from loved ones, experts, and yeah, probably also TikTok. Yet, given that your child is their own unique little person, you’ve also figured out what works for them—and what doesn’t.

One tool that’s tailor-made for taking a bit of the stress out of contending with an authority-challenging or tantruming toddler: your child’s unique astrology, aka their birth chart, which you can learn about in my new book Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parent’s Guide to Astrology.

Here’s how your child’s distinctive mix of zodiac signs relates to their behavior and how you can better set limits and expectations with some support from the stars.

Knowing Your Child’s Astrology Can Simplify Discipline

The promise of an extra bedtime story might prove motivating for one child and completely bore another. And while one kid’s big feelings might spur them to immediately throw a toy at their sibling, another will have a longer fuse but perhaps later dig their heels in about taking a bath. Getting to know your little one’s preferences, perspective, and proclivities can inform how you encourage better behavior. And that’s exactly what their personal astrology can offer intel on.  

Raising Baby by the Stars

Discipline Tips for Each Zodiac Sign

You probably already know your child's sun sign, which is based on their birth month and date. But that’s just one piece of a larger puzzle that is their natal, or birth, chart. This chart will show you where all the celestial bodies—the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and even outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—were when your child was born. To generate their chart—which you can do on my website—you just need your child’s: Birth month, date, year; time of birth; place of birth including city, state or province, and country.

From there, taking note of not only their sun sign but their moon (which is how your baby wants to be nurtured) and their rising sign (how they show up in the world) can serve as a fantastic jumping-off point. Their Mercury sign will color how they communicate and their Mars sign speaks to how they express anger. Consider exploring any of these when using their unique astrological blueprint to navigate meeting resistance.

No matter what lesson you’re working on with your little one, one of the greatest variables will always be your child themselves—their unique strengths, challenges, interests, and emotions. And their specific astrological wiring can offer valuable insight into all of those question marks. 

Check out any of their astrological placements—in other words, their sun sign, moon sign, Mars sign, et al.—below for the best way to cope with misbehavior and how you can expect them to respond to boundary- and expectation-setting. 


As a fire sign ruled by Mars, the planet of action and energy, Aries kids want to move, push their limits, play, and claim the number one spot in any group setting, which could quickly lead to them acting out in an attempt to one-up siblings or playmates. And when you put your foot down, they’ll truly fight you at every turn. The good news: Because they are so fast-paced and fiery, their blowups don’t tend to last very long.

How to meet resistance from a little Ram

Create a calm down space. It can be challenging to get your motivated, always-on-the-move Aries to slow down and work through tough emotions that might be setting off misbehavior, but a dedicated “calming” space can provide respite when frustration hits.

Play a competitive game. If they’re crossing the line, create a scenario in which applause-worthy behavior results in them feeling like they’ve “won.” So if they’re acting out on a car ride, try a challenge like naming all the colors they see within a set time frame, which will help them redirect their attention and feel like they’ve achieved something. 


Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, so a child with this zodiac sign in their chart tends to prioritize peacefulness. You’ll notice that they have a rather long fuse before they lose their cool. Nonetheless, as a fixed sign (one of three modalities of which Taurus as well Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are members—they’re resolute but also quite stubborn!), not only might misbehavior be triggered by change, but they’re apt to dig their heels in when challenged.

How to meet resistance from a little Bull

Use a sticker chart. Pragmatic Taureans, even the smallest ones, appreciate organizational systems that will motivate them to track their progress on award-worthy behavior.

Give them options. When they’re asserting their independence, as most toddlers do, they’re looking for a way to be in control. Give them the choice between two options, and they’ll feel like they’ve had their say.


An air sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, your Gemini is innately buzzy and social, so quiet and/or solo time can result in frustration. If they’re facing consequences for misbehavior, you could be facing a stunning, out-of-the-blue verbal outburst. When addressing acting out from a Twins kid, you’ll do best to focus on combating boredom and focusing their energy. 

How to meet resistance from a little Twins

Encourage sensory play. Geminis need lots and lots of mental stimulation—even when it’s time to chill out, which could lead to head-butting. Encourage them to focus their high mental energy by playing with a sensory toy, which will also help improve their fine and gross motor skills. 

Teach them the words to express their feelings. Gemini’s superpower is communicating, so make up a memory game for learning all the words they can use to describe their feelings. As they get older, journaling is an effective way for them to express themselves. 


Crabs, a water sign ruled by the intuitive, emotional moon, are lovebugs who often face an uphill battle when it comes to owning their independence, and they might become fussy, crabby, and ill-behaved when they’re nudged to play—or do just about anything—without you. And whenever you have to deal with their misbehavior, cue the waterworks! Tackle any growing pains by ensuring they feel heard, seen, and soothed. 

How to meet resistance from a little Crab

Schedule bonding time. Your Cancer might lose their cool when they’re feeling like precious snuggles with you are cut short, so get ahead of this by setting aside designated times to connect. Think: a daily walk with your sweet Crab or weekend breakfast-making parties.

Try responsibility-building chores. Cancers have an instinct to want to take care of their home and their loved ones, so being given tasks like putting away their toys or assisting you in the kitchen can feel rewarding and serve as an outlet for excess energy. 


Leos, a fire sign ruled by the confident sun, is assertive about what they want and need but they’re also so attached to their likes and dislikes that they’ll struggle with shifting gears and potentially act out when faced with change. They’re also apt to have tantrums stemming from not being the center of attention and running the show 24/7. When faced with discipline, they might actually act like they know better and are above you. 

How to meet resistance from a little Lion

Offer them opportunities to feel powerful. On their worst day, mini Lions might come off as pushy and demanding, which stems from wanting to feel like they have power. Give them a chance to make a big decision, like when to have bathtime (before or after dinner).

Teach them empathy. Whether your little Leo is refusing to let another child use the slide at the playground or demanding attention when the focus is on a cousin, ask them how their actions might make a playmate or loved one feel. Helping them see the other side of the situation can be valuable for developing emotional intelligence.


Your little Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, wants to follow the rules—as long as they’re presented with the “why,” For example: “Eat broccoli so you can be strong and healthy!” But be prepared for pushback when they’re overthinking or being perfectionistic. If they can’t figure out how to tie their shoelaces, for instance, they might be especially hard on themselves and act out. When disciplined, they’re sure to be especially sensitive and tearful.

How to meet resistance from your little Maiden

Make step-by-step lists. Seeing small, manageable objectives written on a dry-erase board can feel motivating and make a task that initially seems daunting feel less stressful. 

Turn story time into a win. Utilize your Virgo’s adoration of the written word by reading books that involve a character learning any lesson or milestone you’re actively working on. 


A fan of all things easygoing and breezy, your Libra little one, an air sign ruled by Venus, the planet of peace and beauty, could get distracted, irritable, and even act out as a result of having to do something that feels tedious, arduous, or uncomfortable. They’re also super sensitive to anything they perceive as imbalance or discord, which could also lead to misbehavior. When faced with consequences, they will comply but err toward being passive-aggressive. 

How to meet resistance from your little Scales

Be prepared to counter protests about “unfairness.” Given how passionate Libra is about balance, serenity, and what's just, they might be quick to throw a fit over a situation being—in their eyes—anything but. Try validating their feelings, show them empathy by acknowledging that you often experience that feeling too, and urge them to focus on the aspects of the situation they can control.

Work on expressing anger. It might sound counterintuitive, but Libra’s instinct is to tamp down thoughts, opinions, or emotions they fear will spur rockiness, which can backfire. So talk about and normalize emotions such as frustration and disappointment, which can make it easier to work through them when they come up.


Facing anything outside of their comfort zone tends to cause your Scorpio, a water sign ruled by go-getter Mars and transformative Pluto, to be even more stubborn than usual. You could be met with a steely glare, angry scowl, and/or deafening silence when you put your foot down.  

How to meet resistance from your little Scorpion

Celebrate adventure. Scorpio values action (Mars) for the sake of transformation (Pluto), so connect the dots for your child by explaining how getting out of their comfort zone and exploring the unknown can give them more knowledge, and with more knowledge comes more power!

Build in ways for them to blow off steam. Scorpios are innately private, so they’ll often keep their big feelings to themselves, raising the risk of an explosive tantrum—unless they have healthy outlets for working it all out. Being active (like doing an obstacle course in the backyard or going swimming) can be a wonderful way to process fear or anger.


As a fire sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, your Sagittarius wants all the freedom in the world, and they will push for more, more, more of anything they enjoy. More playtime, more of that yummy snack, or more of an activity they aren’t quite old enough for. Because they dislike anything having to do with boundaries, they’re quick to push against them. Whether they’re faced with your limits, expect massive fireworks. 

How to meet resistance from your little Sagittarius

Strike a tone that’s warm but definitive. Sag’s playful ebullience can make it hard to put your foot down, but presenting and enforcing rules in a heartfelt way is ultimately for their own benefit.

Joke around. You can get pretty far with a challenging little Archer if you strive to make them laugh. If they’re striking out against an activity they find dull or not “enough” for them, add a dose of humor, and they’ll be more apt to chill out and get involved. 


An earth sign ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries and restrictions, a Cap kid fancies themselves a little grown-up who is responsible and hardworking. And if they were born to be an authority figure, they don’t need you telling them what to do! When asked to do something they don’t want to do, they’ll offer up dry “nah”s or perhaps even pretend like they didn’t hear you in the first place. When disciplined, they’ll likely respect rules more than the average kid. 

How to meet resistance from your little Sea Goat

Embrace your own authority. This is not to say be needlessly strict, but your C-suite exec in training will assume that if you’re not putting your foot down on a rule, the power’s all theirs. Adopt a pragmatic, Capricornian tone when they’ve pushed their limits, which should resonate.

Lighten things up. Your Sea Goat does take a lot of life very seriously—and wants to be taken seriously, so consider whether they’re acting out because they’re afraid of looking “foolish.” If so, strive to be lighthearted and remind them that it’s OK to make mistakes.


As an air sign ruled by Uranus, the planet of revolution, your Aquarius loves to question the status quo and is a big fan of science and fact-checking. They’re quick to question every convention—yes, even more than the average little one. So you likely already know just how much of a contrarian they can be. Requests and suggestions are often met with cool, obstinate responses, and discipline might also earn you a shrug. And because Uranus rules out-of-the-blue change, their worst behavior and tantrums might feel like they came out of nowhere.  

How to meet resistance from your little Water Bearer

Strive to offer up rational explanations. They won’t go for “because I said so.” You’ll have a better shot at getting them tucked in at night sans tirade if you help them connect the dots. Perhaps explaining that rest benefits their energy and happiness. 

Offer imaginative outlets for stormy moments. If they’ve acted out, steer them toward go-to practices like their very own “breathing corner” or a box they can throw balls into to work through their frustration.


A water sign ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, your Pisces is so conflict-averse and daydreamy, it might be hard to imagine (at times) that your little Fish would resist your limits and expectations. But their emotions and imagination can get the best of them, melting down over a busy store being too stimulating or acting out when having to face a harsh reality check. Faced with discipline, they might pretend they’re not hearing you or lean on make-believe in the moment.  

How to meet resistance from your little Fish

Praise them for being direct and honest. All preschool-age kids tell fibs, but a Pisces is offering you their own version of reality. Still, this is a no-go, and certainly not a way around having to face consequences for missteps. Nip this behavior in the bud by doling out lots of encouragement and praise when they offer up the truth.

Try time-off versus time-out. A tip that applies to all signs but may be particularly wise to hold in mind for your Fish: Time-outs or isolating your little one could perpetuate negative feelings that led to act out in the first place. Instead, invite them to step back from the scene of their misbehavior to go to a different, calm spot and listen to music and perhaps even enjoy a watery element (like ocean-inspired art) as they work through any challenging emotions.

Information for this article has been adapted from Raising Baby by the Stars: A New Parent's Guide to Astrology by Maressa Brown. Artisan Books © 2023.

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