Zara Hanawalt

If you've ever been asked where you're really from, you know how awkward the question can make you feel. But this video gives us (and our children) a pretty perfect idea for how to answer.
It's 2021. Why are we still making moms draw firm lines between their family lives and professional lives?
Under the new law, fathers whose paternity has been confirmed will have to pay half of the mother's pregnancy costs. But how much does it actually help expectant mothers?
We know parents of babies lose a lot of sleep. Now we have a better idea of how much thanks to a new survey's findings.
"My daughter will be bombarded with the message that being stick thin is the only way to be beautiful for her entire life, it's up to the adults around her to actively challenge that message, not reinforce it."
Making the family chore chart? You're not alone if the kids get the chores you'd rather skip.
If you're impatiently waiting for that COVID vaccine to be available to you, this video from The Holderness Family will speak to your soul.
Thousands of children are seen in the emergency room each year for accidentally ingesting batteries. Here's how to keep your kids safe.
This kid could teach us a thing or two about helping a child manage big emotions.
A father shared the unconventional method he's using to boost his son's math skills on TikTok and it's raising questions about how we should motivate our children.
Cue the tears: This incredibly sweet video of a new dad taking an assist from his daughter to propose is so heartwarming.
Celebrities and regular folks alike idealize having twins—especially boy/girl sets—but we need to address the very real health, financial, and ethical implications that are tied up in this glamorization.
The sweet post proves Joe Biden is not just America's president: He's also America's grandpa.
Breathe a sigh of relief, parents of school-aged children. This teacher's message is one we all need to read.
We need to make our children understand that their voices and beliefs and advocacy matter, but what we witnessed on January 6, 2021 was an insurrection, not a protest.
A Reddit user shared that both her parents and her in-laws think that her daughter should become "head of the household" instead of her husband in regards to cleaning and cooking.
We could all benefit from approaching 2021 with the energy the famous mom is adopting: no more unnecessary explanations for how we parent.
From Barbie dolls worth $300,000 to Beanie Babies ringing up at a cool almost half-a-mil, these are the ones you want to look out for in your old collections. But there's a catch: They have to be in mint condition.
A woman found the most special way to connect with her young neighbor during the dark days of quarantine by creating the persona of a fairy named Sapphire.
You're probably guilty of using at least one of the terms on this list. Here's which cutesy names Reddit parents love, hate—or love to hate.
It all goes by so quickly—too quickly. And this ad gets right to the heart of that.
A pregnant Reddit user posts about her unexpected conundrum: Her mother-in-law's penchant for kissing her baby bump. And she makes an important point in the process.
You might want to have tissues on hand while you watch this.
They can't have a normal school year but they can have snow days. And that's worth something.
This Reddit thread reveals the things you should never say to a bottle-feeding parent. Say it with us: Fed. Is. Best.