Virginia Sole-Smith

Women often feel pressure not to take a drug for depression or anxiety—and yet doctors say no one should have to choose between her own health and her baby’s.
The pressure to be thin affects kids far earlier than you might imagine, but you can counter that with some gentle messaging and good role modeling.
We asked experts, and here's what they had to say.
It may surprise you to learn that your child’s interest in imaginary violence can be normal, even healthy. Experts explain when you shouldn’t worry and when you should step in.
When you find yourself desperately trying to talk some sense into your child as she whines, cries, or freaks out even more, try stepping into her shoes instead.
These parents never imagined their child would catch one of the life-threatening diseases that vaccines can prevent. But just because the illnesses are rare doesn’t mean they’re not a tragic reality for parents who have lost their children to them. Here are their stories.
Talking to your anti-vaxxer friends can be frustrating and divisive when you know getting vaccinated is the right thing to do. “But you can talk about this issue in a way that builds your relationship,” says Karen Ernst, director of Voices for Vaccines, a parent-led nonprofit.
Surround your kids with books, let them choose the pages they want to turn, and you’ll inspire them to think big and never stop.
Right here in the United States, one in four children don't have enough to eat. The impact this has on their health, their development -- their future -- is staggering. Our special report introduces you to two families who struggle every single day to put food on the table.