Tyler Gildin
Tyler Gildin

Tyler Gildin

Tyler Gildin is an award-winning director, producer, and creative, but most importantly a dad of two kids. He's the host of Father Material a weekly podcast where he chats with prominent creatives to discuss how fatherhood has impacted their creative process and the material they create.
As a young father and third-generation survivor, I know how important it is to ensure my kids are properly educated on the Holocaust. Here's how experts say parents can navigate these tough conversations.
Pet parenthood prepped us for real parenthood in ways we didn't imagine. We learned lessons in responsibility, communication, and dedication that are helping us raise two kids under 2.
I had no idea how much growing up as a middle child would benefit me on my journey through parenthood. It's just the beginning for me, but I'm already using valuable lessons I learned in my childhood to raise my kids.
There's a lot that goes down in the delivery room that the average expecting parent might not quite expect. I know that from experience as a dad. But I've learned the best thing any partner can do is fully support the person giving birth.
While making the documentary The Starfish of my grandfather's life during and after the Holocaust, I became a better person and even greater father.