Sharisse Tracey
Sharisse Tracey

Sharisse Tracey

Sharisse Tracey is an mother of four, author, and professor from Pasadena, California, currently living in upstate New York. Her work appears in various online and in print publications. Sharisse's life story has been featured in live theater as well on NPR.
A Black mom of four explains her frustration in simply not feeling comfortable letting her youngest son go outside to play—especially after Ahmaud Arbery's murderers were found guilty of hate crimes.
As a mom of four Black children, it's hard to keep having the same conversations with my kids every time one more person of color is killed by law enforcement. But these honest conversations are necessary to try and keep our children safe.
After watching Trump supporters break into the Capitol building, my ninth-grade daughter questioned why they were treated differently than Black Lives Matter protesters. It wasn't an easy conversation to have, but it's more important than ever.
The anniversary of when all slaves in the United States were freed, Juneteenth is an opportunity to listen, learn, and act in support and celebration of Black people.
As a mom to four Black kids, the discussion of race and racism happens often in our home. But when I decided to speak to my kids about George Floyd's death, my 13-year-old daughter took me by surprise by how much she had to say.