Sarah Cottrell

If puberty has made its awkward entrance into your son's life then you might be wondering where to look for straightforward answers to some of the most toughest questions. These books will give your kid the facts to navigate the choppy waters to teenhood.
Eavesdropping is a common childhood habit. But there are adult conversations you don't want your kid listening to. Experts explain how to put a halt to this totally normal but not always desired behavior.
Affluent families are pooling together in small "pandemic pods" to hire specialized tutors for their kids to learn at-home during the pandemic. But what if you lack the funds to do the same thing? We'll show you how to create your own pandemic pods with free resources that are already available to the public.
Whether your family is embracing a hybrid in-school and at-home learning schedule, distance learning, or homeschooling this year, here are some smart ways to find the best tutor for your family's needs.
Kids of Millennials and Gen Xers are currently poised to inherit the world. But who are they and what can parents expect from them? A lot, as it turns out, because “kids these days” are extraordinary.
From Boomers to Gen Z, experts break down America's generational timeline, offer insight into who's who, and take a look at how parenting has evolved throughout the years.
I became worried when my 6-year-old started blaming his imaginary friend Jack-Jack anytime he broke the rules. But experts explain why it's not a reason to fret and offer tips to deal with an imaginary friend that causes trouble around the house.
More than a third of women who contract toxic shock syndrome (TSS) are under the age of 19. Experts explain symptoms, causes, and tips on safe tampon use to teach teens in order to prevent this rare but potentially fatal bacterial infection.
Parents don't have to stress out about helping teens pass their first road test. With a few expert tips and some deep breaths, moms and dads can feel confident and even excited about this huge milestone.