Sandra Burciaga Olinger
Sandra Burciaga Olinger

Sandra Burciaga Olinger

Sandra Burciaga Olinger is the founder of, one of the industry's most highly lauded independent music media outlets, where she and her team create inclusive journalism featuring up-and-coming music artists, as well as keeping readers informed on concert and music festival announcements. She has over 17 years of industry experience and has been writing for over 15 years.
In honor of National Hispanic American Heritage Month, here are five musical Latina moms worth listening to.
Whether through their blogging, unique content creations, or entrepreneurial endeavors, these women are making some serious moves while honoring their Hispanic heritage every day with their children. They continuously share their raw stories of motherhood, through honest words and visions of love and even hardship, and through it all, they still deliver the top-notch content.
Like many mindful parents, I've been trying to teach my child how to be anti-racist. But in order for me to successfully start these conversations, I needed to educate myself on the difference between race and ethnicity.
All of these influencers regularly share honest stories of Black motherhood, while providing tips on everything from healthy living, recipes, home decor, fashion, beauty, and more. Plus, they share some sage advice for new moms just getting started at the parenting game.
My daughter was only 2 when she asked me why I’m darker than her. Because of her white skin, I know she’ll never have the same experiences with racism I did growing up, but I’ll be sure she understands why they were wrong.