Samantha Mann

Samantha Mann
Title: Trauma Informed Behavior Analyst
Education: Radford University, George Mason University
Expertise: Child Behavior, Autism, Developmental Disorders, Harm Reduction

Samantha Mann is the author of Putting Out: Essays on Otherness (Read Furiously Publishing 2019). She writes essays and articles exploring feminism, mental health, motherhood, and LGBTQ issues, and is a board-certified, trauma-informed behavior analyst.


Samantha Mann is a trauma-informed behavior analyst who began working in the field in in 2013. As a board-certified behavior analyst, she helps children and young adults increase their independent life skills, social skills, and ability to regulate emotions. She also helps students of all ages engage in harm reduction. 

A large focus of Samantha’s mission is working with caregivers, teachers, and other adults to destigmatize and celebrate behaviors associated with autism, developmental disorders, and other types of behaviors previously viewed as “atypical.”


Samantha received her Bachelor's degree in psychology from Radford University and her Master's degree in school psychology from George Mason University. Samantha received her post-Master’s certification in applied behavior analysis from George Mason University. 

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