Melissa Mills

The top COVID-19 vaccines, safety concerns, and health updates—all in one place.
While you should always check with your doctor if you have concerns about getting vaccinated, health officials have ensured the safety of the coronavirus vaccine. Still have questions about the vaccine and your fertility? Here are the answers.
As a mom of two boys I constantly hear, "Now you need to try for a girl!" Umm, no. It's time we do away with antiquated ideas of what it means to have—or be—girls and boys. And, while we're at it, let's stop asking people when they're having babies—period.
Children can enjoy summer camp this year as long as safety measures to prevent COVID-19 are taken. Here's what parents need to know before signing their kids up.
No child care, no transportation, no tech-savvy, no trust: Parents of color and older adults are still facing obstacles when it comes to getting vaccinated. So how do we fix a broken system and get to that coveted herd immunity?
As schools and daycares around the U.S. reopen, here's how to ease your child's separation anxiety and help them transition back to a pre-pandemic schedule.
For some parents, aspects of the new work-life balance brought on by COVID-19 are a good thing. Here's what should stick around post-pandemic.
At the end of your pregnancy and eager to meet baby? We feel you. It's best to leave cervical exams to the professionals, but with a doctor or midwife's approval, here's how to check cervix dilation at home.
Whether you're newly pregnant or planning a babymoon right before welcoming your new bundle of joy, here's what expectant parents need to know about airline travel during each trimester.
To gear up for the Tokyo Summer Olympics, kids will get a chance to hear from U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes like Allyson Felix, David Boudia, and Sophia Herzog about what it means to persevere.
Summer school might be just the thing to help students who faced setbacks due to COVID-19—but the benefits go far beyond just education.
The controversial white author of Girl, Wash Your Face seemingly equated herself to Harriet Tubman—and the backlash surrounding her privilege was quick.
You'll wish the adorable Dr. Harmony made house calls where you live.
American parents are "under heightened levels of stress"—and it's worse here than almost anywhere else. But why?
"Mommy." "Mama." "Mom!" Sound familiar? This mom kept count of just how many times her kids asked for her—and not Dad—on a given day and wow.
Anti-trans Arkansas HB1570 bans minors from getting necessary, gender-affirming medical care and could be signed into law soon. Here's what parents need to know, including how to help support transgender youth.
"My 9-year-old is a somewhat enjoyable human now but holy sh*t was it touch and go there for a while."
"I have a large gag reflex so just imagining what they would be describing would affect me."
So you're fully vaccinated against COVID-19 but your kids aren't—now what? Here, experts weigh in on what's safe to do and what's not based on CDC guidelines.
PSA: Pooping with the door closed is not relaxing "me time"—it's the bare minimum.
Geriatric pregnancy. Incompetent cervix. Failed pregnancy. Chrissy Teigen and Peanut are joining forces on the "Renaming Revolution" to reform the outdated terminology tied to pregnancy and motherhood once and for all.
This dad took to calling his wife "Miss Piggy" to "help" her lose baby weight—and even got the kids in on it by having them oink at her. Could there be a more perfect example of what's wrong with how we treat moms after birth?!
This mom wants to boast her wide range of accomplishments including climbing mountains and publishing a novel, saying "I love my kids, but they are not my everything."
With attacks against the AAPI community on the rise during the pandemic, this is how families across the country are experiencing racism and xenophobia in their daily lives—plus how we can all work to stop Asian hate.
Some educators and parents are pushing for schools to stay closed—but should they be? Here's what experts have to say about opening schools for in-person classes again.