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Jasmine Roth of HGTV shares her best advice for decorating an outdoor space that's both fun and safe for little walkers.
Moms are extending their breastfeeding goals or seeking donor milk to give their babies coveted protection from COVID-19. While we're still learning about immunity through breast milk, the pressure should not fall on individual mothers to protect their newborns—all eligible Americans should get vaccinated so we reach herd immunity for those who cannot get the shot.
You’d be surprised at how easy it is for a baby to get into trouble. From kitchen cabinets to outlet covers, here’s how to babyproof the main rooms in your home to make them safe for babies and toddlers.
Your child no longer needs a smartphone of their own to have their own Apple Watch, offering families new ways to stay connected while on the go.
I never thought I would be defending the business decisions of the reality star, but compression leggings have been a godsend during my pregnancy and anyone who thinks Skims maternity line is supposed to be slimming is missing the point.
From the practical to the peculiar, here's a list of gadgets that may help you through the next nine months, or at least help make your pregnancy even more interesting.
OB-GYNs share the questions they want you to ask during your telehealth or in-person prenatal care visits to help you feel secure and prepared during these unprecedented times.
Wendy Friedman was about 37 weeks pregnant with her second son when the coronavirus pandemic changed everything—including her hospital’s policy for allowing her doula to be present during her delivery.
The country getaway is just 90 minutes outside of New York City and offers a scenic escape from your busy life. Read where to stay, eat, and explore in the peaceful home of the original Woodstock.
I'll admit I was nervous to spit into a DNA kit's vial to see if I'm a genetic carrier for any conditions. But I knew it was a necessary step before having kids with my husband.