Maressa Brown

Embracing her reputation for being outspoken, the model, TV personality, author, and mom of two is launching a new campaign called Fertility Out Loud to help those struggling feel less isolated and more empowered to take action.
Numerous posts on TikTok reference April 24 as National Sexual Assault Day, and, although the origins of the trend are unconfirmed, kids still might come across posts referencing the threat of sexual violence.
10-year-old Kai Shappley testified against a Texas state proposal to ban trans youth from accessing gender-affirming care.
While these issues might not be a recipe for a split, they might be worth bringing up in order to preempt bigger issues, according to experts.
The mom described how a simple dry-erase calendar can be comforting for kids traveling between two households.
After facing her own financial trauma, mom of two Linda Garcia dedicated herself to educating the Latinx community about the power of investing and teamed up with her daughter to create a workbook that's a primer for financial literacy. Here are her best tips for parents who want to build wealth and pass that knowledge onto their kids.
Missouri-based mom Sara Duncan captured the image of her exhausted husband who had accompanied her and their daughter to the hospital after a 12-hour shift.
The 37-year-old and his husband Rob announced their happy family news on Instagram.
When a young woman was accused of distracting her neighbor's adolescent boys, she pointed out that it's parents' job to raise their sons to take responsibility for their actions.
Although many parents have traditionally advocated for kids to go to college right after high school, a new survey finds that more parents would prefer alternatives.
One of the latest trends to sweep TikTok features a new form of public kid-shaming. Here's why it doesn't work and actually can be incredibly harmful.
The actor, comedian, producer, and mom of two is reflecting on how the past year has shaped her parenting and how she holds herself accountable for self-care time.
After learning that she was abandoned as an infant, Monica Kelsey founded Safe Haven Baby Boxes. Now, in this viral TikTok, she's showing moms in need and other communities how it works.
A new report from World Economic Forum paints a gloomy forecast for pay equity, but there are steps we can take to push for progress.
When Liz Turrigiano found out she was expecting, she knew she wanted to be a parent who focuses on the environment. Over a decade later, she's running two successful cloth diaper companies. Here's her journey and best tips for parents who are juggling entrepreneurship and raising kids.
Aleta LaFargue is a mother, community organizer, activist, actor, education advocate, and champion of the arts. Here's how she's channeling that passion—and what she learned as a parent—in her run for City Council in New York City.
Growing up, Tina Rudolf saw her mom take great pride in her beauty routine. Now, she's sharing those lessons with other women and moms through her spiritual skincare line.
In our first-ever America's Kindest Families contest, we want to hear stories from families giving back around the country. The winning family will be featured on a 2021 cover of Parents and will receive a cash prize of $10K.
The nonprofit organization is launching a $500,000 effort to become anti-racist.
A new report from MagnifyMoney finds that the percentage of parents who are staying home with their kids has risen 60 percent across all 50 states and the District of Columbia since 2019.
Here's what parents recommend as the top community service opportunities for teens.
The number of children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border is soaring. Here's why and what families can do.
The U.S. Department of Education announced that all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia will receive funds to reopen K-12 schools safely by May. Here's what doctors and White House experts say this means for families.
Money for the Mamas founder Kari Lorz is dedicated to securing the future of her 5-year-old daughter who has cerebral palsy. The dedicated mom shares her journey and best money tips for fellow parents of kids with special needs.
As the nation continues to grapple with the pandemic, Congress is looking to act on the growing national conversation around paid and family medical leave. Here's what you need to know.