Lynn Smith

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The mass exodus of working moms may undo decades of progress. CNN anchor Lynn Smith has been covering the pandemic since the beginning and is stunned by how many stories are mirroring the same issue: mothers need help.
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While staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, I noticed my 4-year-old wanting to drink from a bottle each morning. As it turns out, regression can happen during such an uncertain time and it's totally normal. Here are some things that helped.
I don’t know when I’ll get to hug my parents and in-laws again. But I know if we all don’t do our part and stay home during the coronavirus pandemic, it will take even longer for life to get back to normal.
The viral video of 9-year-old Quaden Bayles has everyone around the world talking—even celebrities like Hugh Jackman. HLN’s Lynn Smith explains why everyone should be paying attention.
A couple in West Virginia—the epicenter of the opioid crisis—became parents to four children thrown into foster care because of their parents' drug addiction. They are just one family bringing attention to an issue that's plaguing the country. HLN's Lynn Smith dives into the story.
When one mom revealed what her seemingly flawless family actually deals with behind the scenes, I finally saw a family I could relate to. And I bet you will, too.
Baby RJ was born with a rare birth defect and a chromosomal disorder. While raising money to pay for RJ's medical bills, his parents were stunned by a hateful comment telling them to just let their baby die. In an opinion piece, HLN's Lynn Smith dives into the story.
One mom in Florida fought to stop the man she says raped her from getting parental rights of her daughter. But victims in many other states are still not protected. In an opinion piece, HLN's Lynn Smith digs into the problem.
A woman wrote a viral obituary for her sister, a young mom who died from opioid addiction in 2018. And it's inspiring others to reveal the same hidden heartbreak of this national epidemic on the anniversary of her death.