Leah Groth

The signs have mainly shown up in children and young adults—sometimes preceding other COVID-19 symptoms.
The coronavirus is not a foodborne pathogen, but you should still pay attention to how you prepare it.
"A smile to a scared patient eases their fear and shows our compassion."
More than 167,400 people worldwide have contracted the virus—and that number continues to grow.
The overlap of symptoms could cause a lot of unnecessary fear.
They're super similar in some ways—and very different in others.
The Washington man traveled from Wuhan, China and arrived back in the states around January 15.
"Pls let me know where I can download your parenting manual, I'll get right on it!"
"I was crying not out of joy, not out of happiness, but out of fear."
Researchers encourage parents to read to their children the good old fashioned way.