Leah Campbell

If you were a straight-A student as a kid, it can be hard to deal with the fact that your child isn't. But I've learned it’s important to step back and let your kid feel supported regardless.   
When my daughter's chronic illness required her to go back on medication, I struggled to keep my calm. The first moment I was alone, I broke down but it was exactly what I needed.
Amy Schumer joined a club no one ever wants to be a part of. I know, I was in it once, too. But Schumer's openness about going through IVF just proves how isolated a person can feel while undergoing fertility treatments, no matter how rich or famous they may be.
I grew up in a house where the words "I'm sorry" were never used and arguments were never discussed. That made it hard for me to understand how to resolve conflict the right way. I am now doing everything I can to make sure to teach my daughter the power of apologizing.
My daughter, now 6, and I had traveled several times before and never had an issue. But on this particular trip, the TSA agent uncomfortably questioned my little girl, who I adopted at birth. She was too scared to even answer. And when I vented on social media, I wasn't expecting other moms to be so insensitive.