Lauren Wellbank

Lauren Wellbank

Lauren Wellbank is a mother of three living in Pennsylvania. As a working mom and business owner, she knows it's important to find products that not only make life easier, but that can also withstand the vigorous use of her children.


- Freelance writer

- Former mortgage professional with more than a decade of experience in personal lending

- Trained advocate and speaker


Lauren has written hundreds of articles for dozens of publications, including The Washington Post, HuffPost, Martha Stewart Living, Apartment Therapy, SheKnows, Prevention Magazine, and more. In addition to being well versed in all things kids, she also has an 80 pound “puppy,” and a thriving garden–all of which she happily writes about whenever possible.

· It’s important to me to find products that my kids will enjoy having and that can stand the test of time. There’s nothing worse than finding the perfect toy or shoe and watching one of my kids love it intensely for two weeks only to have to throw it away by week three because it wasn’t able to withstand so much attention.

· My love of gardening went from hobby to necessity after having kids, once I discovered that getting my children out in the yard was an excellent way to keep them active while also encouraging them to try the new fruits and vegetables that we grow each year (cherry tomatoes are a hit, blackberries not so much).

· Pets truly do become an extension of our family, which is why making sure my dog eats a well-balanced diet and enjoys playing with toys that will keep him from chewing the furniture has been a top priority in our house.

Favorite Review

My absolute favorite thing I own is a tie between my Erin Condren planner (which I’ve been using to keep track of everything from soccer practice to deadlines for two years now) to my Bartisan Cocktail Maker (which I use to make a quick cocktail with dinner some nights). I’m not entirely sure I could (or would want to) live without either of them.

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