Kimberly Zapata

With the average annual state university tuition at nearly $10K and private colleges charging up to $78K per year, learning the ins and outs of the FAFSA (Federal Application for Student Aid) form is a must for college applicants and parents.
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Scrimping and saving as much as you can in hopes of putting your baby through college one day is not all it's cracked up to be—nor is it the best idea. Ahead, the pros and cons of starting a college savings fund for your child, and how to do it right if you do.
After giving birth to my second child, my mood was unusually elevated and I had a ton of energy. Something wasn't right and when I reached out to my doctor, I learned I was suffering from a perinatal mood disorder that can actually be dangerous.
It may be tempting to tell your kid to just calm down when they are having a meltdown. Experts explain why that phrase won't alleviate the problem and what parents can say instead.
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I held off on having kids because I thought it would force me to end a career I loved. But after having my first child, I instead became more productive than I had ever been.
Talking with your child about suicide can be difficult, but it is essential and may even be life-saving. Here's how to address the subject to kids of every age.