Kelly Bryant

The Appalachian Literacy Initiative gets books into the hands of young readers, teaching children in neighborhoods with limited library access that each page is a world of possibilities.
A community fridge outside of the East Village restaurant S'MAC teaches a neighborhood of kids how to be there for friends and neighbors in need.
Kindness and compassion are the only superpowers Yuri Williams needs. The founder of A Future Superhero And Friends is bringing joy to kids and anybody in need.
After the tragic loss of her parents, Samantha Rodriguez stepped into the role of caregiver to her five younger siblings at the age of 17. Together, they represent the selfless love it takes for a family to thrive. 
After two unsuccessful rounds of IVF and a miscarriage, Tracy Caliendo turned to surrogacy to expand her family. What happened next made the family of three a family of seven.
Just one more. That was the idea when Amy and Chad Kempel decided to try for another child. Of course, as we all know when it comes to kids and family, there’s very little that goes as planned in the classic sense. 
Gender double standards abound in many aspects of life. This we know. When it comes to parents imbibing alcohol, there's a major discrepancy between the perception of dads who crack open a beer at the end of the day and moms who unwind with wine. Why should women bear the brunt of societal side-eye while dads get a pass? Let's investigate and together say 'back off, meddlers, and leave our bar carts alone'.