Julia Malacoff

Lisa Vogl used her savings to turn a passion project into a profitable business when her family needed it most. Now, she's co-founder of the first modest fashion brand offering hijabs sold in an American department store. Here's how she did it, plus her best financial advice for parents of all kinds.
Alexa von Tobel sold her first company, LearnVest, for more than $300 million. Now she's set her sights on making the startup world more inclusive by investing in all types of companies and founders. Here's how she did it, plus her best financial advice for parents.
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When Katya Libin found out she was pregnant at 25, she was at the top of her career. But when she became a mom she struggled to find a community, so she decided to do something about it and launched HeyMama, a social network for entrepreneurial moms.
Esperanza Lebron of Latina Money Moms went from making $14,000 a year to running her own debt-free business. Here's how she did it, and how she's empowering other Latinx moms to do the same.
Helen Ficalora's family had just purchased a new home when her husband had to stop working due to complications from multiple sclerosis. She went from being a stay-at-home mom to the breadwinner in the blink of an eye. Here's how she turned a difficult situation into a thriving jewelry brand.
Personal finance expert Tasha Cochran made $14,000 a year at age 19 as a single mom in the Marine Corps. Last year, her business and related YouTube channel generated hundreds of thousands in revenue. Here's how she did it.
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