Jenn Sinrich

Most of her life, Jen Malia felt that she was different from her peers, but never understood why. She started noticing the very same differences in her own children. That's when she searched for answers and finally received a diagnosis for all of them.
When Crystal Turner lost her two children to gun violence in 2015, it became her life's mission, not only to keep their memory alive, but to fight to prevent senseless killings from firearms.
Toting this small piece of paper around will very likely be a part of our new normal.
Here's a closer look at what people really mean when they use the term "natural birth," and why it's time to nix this phrase from the conversation around labor and delivery.
If high stress, exhaustion, little-to-no alone time, and difficulty juggling everything on your plate sound familiar, it's quite possible you're experiencing burnout—a condition affecting American moms at epidemic levels.
After six months of breastfeeding, my milk supply started dwindling. I figured I'd try breastfeeding while meditating, something I heard could help with my issue. As it turns out, meditation was the solution I never knew I needed.
A candid, open, and honest look at the struggles new moms go through when they suffer from postpartum depression.