Harriet Sokmensuer

Isabel, Remington and Wyatt Cruz may be in the company of 33-year-old Bryan Godfrey.
Scott R. Williams was arrested Tuesday after detectives used genetic genealogy testing.
Kavay Louis-Calderon was attacked Sunday morning while being babysat by her uncle.
Summer Wells was last seen at her home in Beech Creek, Tennessee on June 15.
The father of the baby boy is also a person of interest in a house fire set in a neighboring town.
Knoxville authorities are asking the public to avoid the area as the investigation remains active.
Some think the girl in the video, who silently stares at the camera and appears to have black eyes, may be Cassie Compton.
Alecia Kitts was asked to put her mask on or leave for violating the school's policy.
Authorities had previously searched the pool at his family's Ohio apartment complex days earlier.
Braylen Noble's family has asked the public to stop spreading rumors as they search for the little boy, who is nonverbal.
The children were considered to be some of the most at-risk and challenging cases.
The boys are believed to have been inside the car for less than 30 minutes.
Shaelie Lynn Stephens, 15, was last seen early Monday morning.
Authorities have not yet publicly identified the remains or confirmed if they belong to more than one person.
Faye Marie Swetlik's death is being investigated as a homicide.
Faye Marie Swetlik was reported missing by her family after she went missing while playing outside.
The boy was last seen on Sunday and is believed to be in danger.
Investigators believe the 27-year-old woman abused Hazel Journey Homan for months before her death.
It's still unclear whether the post was real or a hoax.
Jaiden Cowart’s death was ruled an accident by a medical examiner.
Summer Rose Kazzee, 22, also had a baby removed from her care in 2016.
Felicity Huffman entered the Federal Correctional Institution in Dublin, California on Oct. 15.
Dulce Maria Alavez was reported missing on September 16.