Debby Waldman

Debby Waldman
Title: Writer and editor
Education: Syracuse University, Cornell University
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Expertise: Writing and editing, mental health and suicide awareness/prevention, hearing loss.

Debby Waldman is passionate about mental health, hearing loss, books, food, and family, and she's written about those topics and more for publications including The New York Times, Washington Post, People, Parents, Publishers Weekly, Wired, The Bittman Project, and NBC-Think.


After her daughter was diagnosed at age three with a hearing loss, Debby co-wrote two books for parents of children with hearing loss. She has also written six books for children. She divides her time between working as an editor and writing advisor at the Academic Success Centre at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada, and freelance writing about anything and everything that piques her curiosity, most often food, books, and people. She's had bylines in a variety of places, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Parents, People, Publishers Weekly, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and NBC-Think.

Family means love, support, kindness, laughter, and time together to create shared memories. To me, family is everything.


Debby Waldman has a journalism degree from Syracuse University and an MFA in creative writing from Cornell University.

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