Daphne de Marneffe, Ph.D

When it seems as if you’re constantly shifting gears, it can be hard to feel fully present in any of your roles. But there are ways to slow down and make the transitions easier.
No matter how much you love each other, talking about money can feel awkward and scary—but confronting your finances together will pay off.
They shower you with kisses, hand squeezes, and drawings. No wonder your children can feel easier to adore. Here are helpful ways to handle those common, hard-to-admit feelings.
So you want to scale back on eating meat or stick to a new budget? It doesn’t have to rock your relationship. Here are expert tips to nicely find a way to reach common ground with your partner.
We all want to be successful, yet earning more than your partner can still stir up mixed emotions. Here’s how to make sure both of you feel valued.
Unconditional love doesn’t mean you get to say whatever you’re thinking. Treat each other just as considerately as you would a friend.
You want your significant other to understand how you’re feeling, but they seem to be allergic to your frustration. Here’s how to share emotions in a productive way.
The toilet seat that’s up. The empty milk carton in the fridge. The socks under the bed. Sigh. But you do things that annoy your partner, too—and small changes could make a big difference for both of you.
Sure, it feels good when that cute parent at drop-off smiles at you. But if you're fixing your hair before you get out of the car, it’s time to come clean.
Just like a toddler’s tantrums, arguments with your partner can be caused by feelings lurking beneath the surface. It’s good to get them out—then take steps to repair and reconnect.
Whether it’s more help getting the kids out the door or time to go to the gym, you should tell your partner what will make you happier and less stressed.
When you've been apart since morning, reconnecting again is key to feeling happy with your relationship. Here are four lessons when it comes to the signals you should be sending your spouse after a long day of work.
Figuring out what to spend, where to live, and what matters most about your future home is fraught with emotion. Here’s how you can manage the roller-coaster ride together.
Just because you have children who demand constant attention doesn’t mean that you and your partner don’t deserve TLC too.