Christ Boutte
Christ Boutte

Chris Boutte

Chris Boutté is a Las Vegas-based author and influencer. You may also know him as The Rewired Soul, his pseudonym on YouTube where has a growing community of 81K. He is the author of CANCELED: Inside YouTube Cancel Culture, multiple mental health books, and he often contributes to wellness publications such as Thrive Global and Tiny Buddha. Chris reads hundreds of non-fiction books each year and speaks with authors on a diverse range of subjects at The Rewired Soul Podcast. You can also find his expert quotes in publications such as VOX, INSIDER, and VICE. For the curious-minded, visit his Substack to read his whims and musings, and discover reading recommendations on mental health, psychology, philosophy, social issues, politics, and more.
I had to make a very difficult decision: I could either pay off my arrest warrant, or I could buy my son Christmas presents.
When I became a single dad, I struggled to make ends meet. These steps helped me break the cycle and get my finances in order—for me, and for my son.