Caroline Chirichella

All the info I wish my ob-gyn had given me during my pregnancy.
Sure, tickling seems like an innocent way to spur on giggles. But what if it makes kids uncomfortable? Here's what experts say about the right way to physically play together with young children.
My 22-month-old's pediatrician insists she stops using her pacifier. I understand the health concerns, but I worry what another difficult change will do to her in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
Every child will create their own milestone timeline. Period. Add a pandemic, and that timeline may shift more, but here’s why that’s OK according to experts.
The coronavirus pandemic has forced me to loosen up on my parenting skills and allow my toddler to get away with things I normally would reprimand her for. Turns out I'm not alone and experts say easing up isn't something to feel guilty about.
The first time my 15-month-old slept through the night without waking me up was bittersweet. I was happy she was gaining independence, but I was also sad to realize she started to need me less.