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Here's why COVID-19 testing for young children is important, when kids should get tested, and where else tests are available across the country.
As people head to celebrate with loved ones, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year to travel. But the CDC encourages you to rethink that this year.
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A doctor in the Netherlands allegedly used his own sperm to get patients pregnant without letting them know. DNA confirms he has more than a dozen biological children.
Infants born via C-section may not receive important gut bacteria from their mothers as easily, but a new study finds that feeding babies diluted fecal matter through breast milk could be the solution—as bizarre as that sounds.
The coronavirus pandemic has left more than 4,000 children in New York without a parent or caregiver. Here's what that may mean for their futures.
After months of Disney's closed parks in California and limited capacity in its others, the company announced the "difficult" decision to let thousands of employees go.
Like many parents, J. Lo was worried about her kids having too much screen time during the pandemic. She found ways to keep them active and bonded like never before, through a dance challenge that gives back to charity. Win and win.
New research shows that fathers who spend more time parenting during the infant stage set themselves up for better mental health later. Here’s how experts say that affects the entire family unit.
A nonprofit watchdog found the fertility app Premom was sharing sensitive information with third party entities without letting its users know. Experts explain why that's a cause for concern.