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Get ready to sing some doo, doo, doos when Baby Shark Live! hits the road again starting in June. See the tour dates and how to get tickets.
A new report finds between 37,300 and 43,000 lost a parent due to COVID-19. These kids may be at risk for traumatic grief, depression, difficulties in school, and unintentional death or suicide for years to come. Researchers say intervention and national help is needed.
The mom of three opens up about being a working parent, co-parenting, and why supporting other mom business owners is so important.
Isolation, social media use, and lack of control are a few reasons experts believe eating disorders have increased among teens during the pandemic. Here’s how they say parents can help their children get through this difficult time.
Parents around the world are being deprived of kangaroo care, which the WHO says is critical to prevent infant death and lifelong health complications.
As reports of attacks against Asian Americans soar, experts offer help to parents navigating conversations about racism and xenophobia with their kids.
The pandemic has affected all families across the country, but a new report has found disparities based on socioeconomic status, race, and location.
The company hopes to 'inspire the next generation of changemakers' with the doll of the former first lady and a new digital series.
With safety measures in place to prevent COVID-19, doctors are seeing a much calmer respiratory season. One child has died from the flu this season compared to a record number last season. Experts explain what that means and what parents should pay attention to.
Many families are skipping out on their dentist appointments during the pandemic. But experts say kids shouldn't miss getting their teeth checked. Here's why.
The actor, director, and dad of two explores male caregiving in new limited series Man Enough to Care and works hard to change the conversation on masculinity.
A new survey found parents with kids under 18 were more likely to start a side gig for reasons other than just making money.
It's easy to want to jump in and help your kid finish an activity. But, according to new research, parents aren't doing them any favors when taking over.
People have been picking up new hobbies to stay occupied during the pandemic. These ones may be making you smarter, according to a new report.
Agencies across the country have seen a decrease in adoptions because of COVID-19. It's another hurdle hopeful parents are being forced to navigate.
Child care prices have skyrocketed amid the pandemic leaving many parents struggling more than ever before.
A six-year investigation revealed shocking findings in Ireland's mother and baby homes, which were mainly run by the Catholic Church. It brings attention to the country's "misogynistic culture."
Jokes swirled that couples forced to stay home during the pandemic would lead to a baby boom. The reality? There will likely be hundreds of thousands of fewer births this year, according to people's Googling trends as well as a recent report. Here's what that means.
Like all parents, actress and mom Gabrielle Union has found herself struggling during the pandemic. But she's learned her biggest parenting lessons through it.
A new study looking at fear and toddlers with autism has been at the center of controversy because people believe researchers have taken it too far. Here's what you need to know.
The mom and fitness expert opens up about giving birth during the pandemic, raising five kids under 7, and how she's brushing off the mom-shamers.
Staying home is the safest option. But as millions of Americans plan to travel for the 2020 holidays, the CDC offers advice on how to stay as safe as possible.
A lifelong Nintendo fan, Christina Aguilera has passed her love for video games on to her two kids. And it's been a positive tool for the entire family during the pandemic. 
A new survey finds thousands of students have their eyes on nonpublic schools and attention for them is growing. Experts weigh in on why and whether or not these schools guarantee an Ivy League future.
Moms are not taking enough time for self-care each week. Here's why that needs to change—and a few simple tips to make it happen.