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Celebrities aren't the only ones willing to go to extremes to boost their kids' futures. A new survey from found average parents also cheated during the college application process.
A San Francisco jury awarded $15 million to five people who suffered emotional distress after a tank failure at the Pacific Fertility Center in 2018 destroyed about 3,500 frozen eggs and embryos.
Erika Richter is one of many parents who lost an infant after using the Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper. She's now using her voice for change.
Parents have expressed concerns and wondered if the NoseFrida can get them sick. Here's what experts say.
Aliphine Tuliamuk and other Olympic athletes worried they wouldn't be able to bring their babies with them to the Tokyo games while they are breastfeeding. Many were outraged by the policy. But the International Olympic Committee now says nursing athletes can officially bring their babies along.
The retired Olympic gold medalist talks pregnancy cravings, raising a toddler during the pandemic, and how being a mom has made her even more eager to give back.
The country singer opens up about being a dad to three girls (with another on the way!), getting creative with his kids, and how they influence his music.
All the responsibilities moms have taken on during the COVID-19 would come out to a pretty big paycheck. It's time they get the recognition they deserve.
The Timecrafters: The Treasure of Pirate's Cove star talks about making a family film, raising a child with special needs, and helping her two teen daughters navigate social media.
A survey from Epic finds children spent a lot of their time reading during the pandemic—and it improved their well-being. Here are simple ways to get your little one to want to read too.
Peppa Pig and her friends will travel across North America with Peppa Pig’s Adventure. Here's what families can expect.
Model Ashley Graham opens up about the beautiful and difficult parts of being a new parent and why she's unapologetically open on social media.
Experts explain why it's usually on a different day every year and offer fun and simple ways parents can involve their kids in celebrating Orthodox Easter 2021 which is on May 2.
The private academy made headlines for their vaccine guidelines based on unproven and debunked claims, telling faculty not to return to school if they get vaccinated.
Kids are back on sports fields and experts say that's where COVID-19 can spread. Here's how they say parents can keep their young athletes safe while kids are still waiting to be vaccinated.
By reintroducing the Safe Home Act, U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar and Roy Blunt are trying to crack down on unregulated custody transfers (UCT) or re-homing. The practice puts adopted children at risk for abuse.
Get ready to sing some doo, doo, doos when Baby Shark Live! hits the road again starting in June. See the tour dates and how to get tickets.
A new report finds between 37,300 and 43,000 lost a parent due to COVID-19. These kids may be at risk for traumatic grief, depression, difficulties in school, and unintentional death or suicide for years to come. Researchers say intervention and national help is needed.
The mom of three opens up about being a working parent, co-parenting, and why supporting other mom business owners is so important.
Isolation, social media use, and lack of control are a few reasons experts believe eating disorders have increased among teens during the pandemic. Here’s how they say parents can help their children get through this difficult time.
Parents around the world are being deprived of kangaroo care, which the WHO says is critical to prevent infant death and lifelong health complications.
As reports of attacks against Asian Americans soar, experts offer help to parents navigating conversations about racism and xenophobia with their kids.
The pandemic has affected all families across the country, but a new report has found disparities based on socioeconomic status, race, and location.
The company hopes to 'inspire the next generation of changemakers' with the doll of the former first lady and a new digital series.
With safety measures in place to prevent COVID-19, doctors are seeing a much calmer respiratory season. One child has died from the flu this season compared to a record number last season. Experts explain what that means and what parents should pay attention to.